St Cuthbert's Shrine

Photo of the Week by DOIK

On Tuesday I went to Durham Cathedral to record the St Cuthbert's day Festal Evensong and was pleasantly surprised to be asked to take photos in St Cuthbert's Shrine during the service. The shrine is the holiest place in the cathedral and to be allowed to take photos in there was unbelievable. There was only a few windows of opportunity during the service. Although it was dark and full of clergy and guests, I think I just about pulled it off
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12800 ISO. Great HQ picture
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GIULIO57 wrote:
12800 ISO. Great HQ picture

Its very clean indeed - well done!
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Beautifully done.
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Very nicely done
Shot is very clear even a high ISO
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Thanks for the comments guys. The last three I took at ISO 25600 at f3.5 to try and get better depth of focus.

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Fantastic balance, good job
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Given the situation, the clarity you have achieved is superb.
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