Droylesden Double

by pgweber

Here again are the two locomotives seen near Denby Dale in the shot I posted a week ago.

Ex LMS 'Black 5' No. 45407 leads BR No. 76079 on one of a series of circular day trips out of Manchester under the title of 'The Cotton Mills Express', as it went up into the Pennines, into West Yorkshire, back into (North) Lancashire and home.

It is seen on 3rd Novemmber 2007 approaching Ashton-Under-Lyne (in North East Manchester, next door to Droylesden of the title).

This was one of my favourite railway locations with semaphore signals and an old fashioned signalbox. It looks like a bygone shot except for the dreadful grey fencing that springs up everywhere nowadays and that ridiculous lop-sided tower block on Deansgate, Manchester on the skyline.

Can any of the rail experts spot an electrification mast in this one?

Shot on K10D/Samsung 50-200 as PEF and cropped.
Uploaded27/03/2010 - 09:04
Shutter Speed1/350
Focal Length120mm

Posted 27/03/2010 - 09:28 Link
Lovely shot Peter, yes it is a shame about the fencing but I supose they have to make it more vandal proof these days, its still good to see a shot like this though.
Regards John/Jumbo
Posted 27/03/2010 - 10:44 Link
You've captured the steam days atmosphere very well Peter. The second engine is the one they nickname the Pocket Rocket, I captured it at Whitby when I was really there to photograph the Goths last autumn.
I wondered what that 'lopsided' tower block was when I've seen it on my several visits to Salford Quays, Greater Manchester.
Posted 27/03/2010 - 17:53 Link
Very pleasing shot. A bit unkind on the Standard, though: the Black Five looks so much more elegant!


Best wishes,


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Posted 27/03/2010 - 21:39 Link
Thank you John, David and Andrew for your comments.

David, it is the Beetham Tower, standing 47 storeys on Deansgate. 23 storeys are part of the Hilton Hotel and the rest are apartments.

Andrew, I was just redressing the balance as the 'Black Five' has got a 'sooty face'from following the 'Pocket Rocket' in the shot I posted a week ago (Denby Dale Double).

Managed a couple of nice shots of 'Tornado' today on the Great Central Railway in Loughborough. She is out again tomorrow.


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Lovely shot Peter, both engines seem to be working hard bet they sounded good.

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