Dog at 'Storm Cottage'

by davidstorm

This image has special significance for me. This is in Robin Hood's Bay, near Whitby on the coast of North Yorkshire. The cottage is named 'Storm Cottage', not because of the weather in these parts, but because of the family that lived there. The Storms were the most prominent family in Robin Hood's Bay and were my direct ancestors. The family can be traced back many hundreds of years, and it is thought that it originated when Viking and Norse settlers inhabited the area before 1,000 AD. This cottage was owned by Reuben Storm, a fisherman. There are many houses in the village with 'Storm' connections and the tiny museum in the village also has much information about the family.

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Great you found it David
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Very lovely...wish I were there.
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I like these histories. Are very important to track genetic histories of family-trees...and to study genetic-drift i.e.I could say (science says!) that in small communities "peoples are all connected" even if bearing different second names. I'm curious to know how-when-why Adam and Eve nephews arrived there....We do all have a common origin (from Africa studying mythocondrial DNA)....You and Me could be closer than we imagine!!! This is a brief (all correct???) summary of an interesting part of Biology that your wonderful Charles Darwin first understood....Nowday I like theories of Richard Dawkins...sorry for my boring words.
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Great image and fascinating to here about your history and family connections David
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Great shot and story.

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