A very small spider

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This was a tiny spider. Used my Sigma 105mm Macro at a very close distance. I just love it's 4 eyes and beard. Is there a grin on it's face?
Taken in Spain. Anyone know it's name (no - it's not George or Fred etc. Mmmm - or Tracey or Britney!)

Mike-P - I googled jumping spiders and found your selection of them. Cute little things aren't they?
02/03/2009 - 18:02Kenty
CategoryClose Up
Shutter Speed1/250
Focal Length105mm


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Nice shot with good detail.


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Wow amazing shot and superb detail. I was one the verge buying the Sigma 105 Macro last week, when the Washing Machine blew up......Guess the rest

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Cracking shot I can just see the eating bits, the fangs not so nice, for other insects
and Cliff I bet when the washing m/c went bang i bet the air was "Blue"


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Haven't seen one of these in Spain and sure do not want to, but it is a great shot.


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loskeran wrote:
and Cliff I bet when the washing m/c went bang i bet the air was "Blue"

Just a bit

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Amazing shot
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Cracking shot but not very small on my screen!

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exquisite, just exquisite, lovely close-up well caught


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Great! (I like spiders).
It reminds me of the vehicles in the Paris-Dakar rally with all their lights on the roof. All the better to see with, I suppose.


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Beautiful shot, I really love spiders, especially Jumping Spiders, they’ve got the best eye sight of all the spiders. This one looks like a House hopper (Euophrys parvula).
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