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Manipulated in Photoshop please compare with the other one c&c wanted taken with the K20 18-250 lens at 250
16/03/2009 - 23:13jackitec
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Link Posted 17/03/2009 - 08:59
Critique: From a flower aspect, the stamens (the heart of the flower) have been distorted from your first posting, the overall definition seems to have been softened and has lost the sharp, crisp appearance (from a photography point) of your first image. This image has the vibrancy of colour that we have come to expect from your images John, so its how you wish it to be judged? As a colourful image with an arty feel you have archived this, as flower, photograph and judged from that view point, the stamen of the plant has been lost and looks unnatural, the true definition of the flower and overall appearance has been lost compared to the other image. Both images are acceptable in their respect forms.
Hope this is of some use.
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Link Posted 17/03/2009 - 10:42
Thanks again Rees, I used a Photoshop filter called Fractalius plugin to get this arty effect which was my intention, this was the mildest effect of the filter any more and you wouldn't recognize it as a flower, it's one of those things you either like it or you don't, there is a guy who seems to love this effect on redbubble if you like it you can see his work here link I just wanted to try something different and as you did say, both images are acceptable, so I'm very happy with that, cheers Jack.
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Link Posted 17/03/2009 - 17:22
Hi Rees was just featured in redbubble link
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