Cotton Cottage

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In a side street in the Derbyshire Village of Cromford sits Cotton Cottage, a delightful little place that has an atmosphere of times gone by. All it's missing is a cat or a dog!

Cromford is a place that didn't exist prior to the Industrial Revolution. It is now a World Heritage Site, containing Cromford Mill, the first truly mechanised water powered Cotton Mill in the World. The processes invented and developed here by Richard Arkwright changed the World as we know it. Cotton was brought in by Pack Horse from the docks in Liverpool, across the Pennines, a journey that took around 7 or 8 days. It was processed from start to finish in the mill, by the Wives and Children of the local Lead Miners, who worked 12 hour shifts (6am to 6pm) 6 days per week. Arkwright introduced what is widely recognised as the first true factory system. He built the village of Cromford, which contains many interesting examples of terraced houses for the workers, built to a very specific design, with 4 floors, including Cellar and Attic. The Attic had four large windows and was designed as a workshop where a family member would do piecemeal work whilst the rest of the family were on their 12 hour shifts in the mill. The whole system was designed to extract maximum productivity from the workforce, including Children as young as 7 years.

Pentax K-3, Sigma 17-70 F2.8-4 HSM OS

BTW, the cottage is not one of the buildings I've mentioned above, I just thought it looked quaint so I took a photo of it.
31/05/2016 - 23:29davidstorm
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