A classic duo

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Last of the Classic camera shots I`m afraid. This image has a special interest for me as my first 35mm camera was a Werra and lovely images it produced as well.
16/03/2010 - 19:24Cliff-P
CategoryBlack & White
Shutter Speed1/160
Focal Length35mm


Link Posted 17/03/2010 - 08:12
A black MG, that's one for the collection.

All black ME, MES and MG models and silver MV-1s were a rarity.

Still are...

Nice set of shots Cliff.
Cheers, HG

K110+DA40, K200+DA35, K3 and a bag of lenses, bodies and other bits.

Mustn't forget the Zenits, or folders, or...

I've some gallerieshere CLICKY LINK! and my PPG entries.


Link Posted 17/03/2010 - 21:30
Cheers Dave and thanks for the info

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