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This is one of the reasons why I haven't been on the site very much lately. Is it a derelict building close to collapse? No, it's the middle cellar room in our Victorian house, which has had a buttressed wall for many decades. This is the main supporting outside front wall of the house, approx. 3 feet thick and bulging inwards. The reason for this is that on the other side of the wall, under the front garden, is a 'secret' vaulted underground room with a brick arch roof. The arch is exerting force on this wall, which over many years has caused it to bulge in. The buttresses have done their work and are now being removed and replaced with modern structural steelwork, so that we can return the room to its natural dimensions. It looks pretty severe, but for us it's just another step on a long road to completing the renovation of a lovely house that was in a sorry state, but is now starting to return to its former glories.

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19/01/2015 - 22:21davidstorm
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What a fantastic story David, good luck with the renovations i'm sure the old house will feel your love! great pic as well
Kind regards Maria


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All you are missing is the letter 'L' between T and C in the middle of the nearest acro prop.
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autumnlight wrote:
What a fantastic story David, good luck with the renovations i'm sure the old house will feel your love! great pic as well

I agree, the story is full of intrigue, may be you can post wider view of your abode at some point


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I love the photography never mind the story!

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A simple shot made much more appealing by the story!

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Amazing story. Good luck with the renovations.


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David -The shovel handles puts the image in"proper" perspective. Adds a human touch that bears fruit by your well written Photo information. - What a work of love your restoration must be. Hope for some "after" images - with or without the shovels --Bona fortuna - T
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