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My Pentax 6x7 set: Mk 1 (1971) and MkII (about 1999) . The lenses are :45mm f4 SMC Takumar,75mm f4.5 SMC Shift,105mm f2.4 SMC Takumar,135mm f4 SMC Macro-Takumar,200mm f4 SMC Takumar, and extension tubes.
I got the 45mm lens in Seattle during a PhotoTravellers trip.I paid by card: It was the time the British Pound dropped out of the currency group and interest rates went up to 15%-- it was NOT such a BARGAIN !!
28/04/2009 - 15:49Peter Elgar
Shutter Speed4/5
Focal Length21mm

Peter Elgar

Link Posted 16/12/2009 - 18:45
Wish it had in the caption " Photo of Peter Elgar's 6x7 gear" instead of 'Photo by Unknown' -- makes me feel unwanted and I have been a PENTAX user since 1961 !!
been a member of Pentax Club since the Ron Spillman era! Got COMPUTERISED at last - DIGITISED? Taken the PLUNGE - BUT FILM STILL RULES !!!
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