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Good morning folks,
I arrived yesterday morning at five after driving 2500 km and visiting four cities, namely Gaziantep, Urfa, Mardin and Midyat, in the Southeast of Turkey. I already knew the former two, but it was my first visit to the Mardin and Midyat. Wish I had time to stay longer, as they offered great photographic opportunities for the likes of us. I'll try to upload as many as I can find appropriate from those places.This is from Istanbul.

St. Anthony of Padua Church, alternatively known as the Sant'Antonio di Padova, S. Antonio di Padova, St. Antoine, or locally as Sent Antuan, is a basilica and the largest church of the Roman Catholic Church in Istanbul, Turkey. It is located on İstiklal Avenue in the Beyoğlu district.

Along with the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit (1846) in the Harbiye district, St. Louis of the French (1581) and Santa Maria Draperis in Beyoğlu, Sts. Peter and Paul (1841) in Galata, Assumption Church in the Moda quarter of Kadıköy, St. Stephen in Yeşilköy and Bakırköy Church in Bakırköy, St. Anthony of Padua is one of the most important Catholic churches in Istanbul, and among them has the largest community following its Masses.

The original St. Anthony of Padua Church was built in 1725 by the local Italian community of Istanbul, but was later demolished and replaced with the current building which was constructed on the same location. The current St. Anthony of Padua, along with its adjacent buildings (known as the St. Antoine ApartmanlarıWink on İstiklal Avenue, was built between 1906 and 1912 in the Venetian Neo-Gothic style, and was likewise edificed by the local Italian community of the city, mostly of Genoese and Venetian descent, who amounted to 40,000 people at the turn of the 20th century. The building was designed by the Istanbulite Levantine architect Giulio Mongeri, who also designed many other important buildings in Istanbul andAnkara; such as the Maçka Palas (which houses Armani Café and Gucci) in Nişantaşı and the Neo-Byzantine style Karaköy Palas bank building in Karaköy (Galata), Istanbul; as well as the first headquarters of Türkiye İş Bankası in Ankara.

The church is considered a minor basilica, and is run by Italian priests. Saturday Mass is in Italian and begins at 19:00, Sunday Mass is 9:30 in Polish, 10:00 in English and 17:00 in Turkish, and Tuesday Mass is in Turkish and begins at 11:00. Weekday Masses are in English at 8:00.
Together with the churches of St. Mary Draperis, also on Istiklal Caddesi, and of SS. Peter and Paul in Galata, it was one of the three Levantine parishes in Beyoglu. Pope John XXIII preached in this church for 10 years, when he was the Vatican's ambassador to Turkey before being elected as pope. He is known in Turkey with the nickname "The Turkish Pope" because of his fluent Turkish and his often expressed love for Turkey and the city of Istanbul.
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Wondeful clarity and detail in this shot, Nezih.
And the extraordinary religious history of the area is very interesting - a truly international place !


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Wonderful image!




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Very sharp and glorious.



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GIULIO57 wrote:


Such clean clear image - a fantastic capture

Best regards


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A truly remarkable image. The even lighting shows all the amazing detail to great advantage.
mohammad wrote:
Very sharp and glorious.


Just perfect. The full narrative just adds to the interest.

Kind regards, Bob
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Wonderful shot Nezih, breathtaking interior, i know St. Anthony pretty well
Kind regards Maria


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A beautiful shot and fantastic information about the basilica too - thanks Nezih


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Really lovely capture Nezih. - mary.


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Thank's for this, Nezih - looking forward to the others.
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A super crisp and clean interior shot. Nice to have so much information posted with the image.


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Thank you for the kind appreciation, folks!


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Great shot..
I intend to try the inside of a cathedral in the future and if I can get anywhere near this result I will be more than happy.


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Yhank you, Dave. Much appreciated.


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Amazing capture, nice details.
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