That was some fire !

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Actually, it is several hundred years old.

This was part of the soldiers area in the Outer Ward of Bolton Castle

PP and converted to sepia in PSE11
09/06/2014 - 12:27PeterKR
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Two fires I think. Is that one above too? This is a beautiful rendition of an interesting wall study. There is no way you could ignore this if you had a camera at hand. Textures and tones here are fantastic.
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Good picture. Well framed and shot.


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Sepia suits so well this super find, great shot.
Kind regards Maria


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There are times when sepia works best, good choice, good eye -
autumnlight wrote:
Sepia suits so well this super find, great shot.

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Ah, castle visiting, takes me back. Nice textures.
Best wishes,


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autumnlight wrote:
Sepia suits so well this super find, great shot.



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Many thanks for all your kind comments.

I've now corrected my notes to state that this is Bolton Castle which is near Leyburn in Yorkshire and was used by ITV for a programme on medieval Britain. Whilst it is a 'ruin' much of it is well preserved and presented to represent how it was centuries ago.

A bit 'off the beaten track' but well worth a visit if you are anywhere within 50 miles ! (But make sure you have a fully charged battery and a spare SD card as there is so much to see !)

I was a bit 'corny' with the title since as well as the 2 fireplaces I was suggesting it may have been destroyed in a fire !

The framing of it was very much the only way I could get the shot. It is quite a small room so it was literally 'backs against the wall' to get it all in - at least that provided some support when shooting hand-held !

Andrew (bwlchmawr), I was very much inspired by your postings in chosing the sepia conversion, so special thanks for that! (I've said it before but a great thing about this Forum is what you learn from other people.)

Thanks again


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Like this, you have to wonder about times past looking at images like this
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