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perhaps the most aggressive picture I took from the Kocher Bridge. It is so much stressing the perspective, that what you see raising from the lower right corner is no a face of the pillar. It is a corner. The pillar has a width of 15 m at the base - the corners are not sharp - the edge was cut off and you have an approx. 15 cm wide, diagonal face (I assume, they did this for aerodynamic reasons). What you see is only the 15 cm wide diagonal corner face that covers almost the complete pillar.
This is a freehand HDR as I wantet to veryclose to the pillar - there was simply no room for a tripod.
To impress the dimensions a bit - the track is 31m wide and the gap between the two pillars is almost 140m long (so Westminster Abbey would nearly fit between the pillars )
30/05/2011 - 20:55AxelLuther
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My favourite so far. Make a good album cover - reminds of Earth wind & Fire

Pentax pour des images riches en détails!


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Dodge69 wrote:
My favourite so far. Make a good album cover - reminds of Earth wind & Fire

Hehe - cool suggestion as one of my favorite songs ever is Getaway from EWaF

Colors are the lack of darkness

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Awesome Axel. Brutally minimalist - I love it!


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Spectacular picture it has a Great range of colours Fabulous photo.
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Absolutely stunning. I'm impressed at handheld hdr, wonderful light in this photo too.


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Gorgeous. I like the wonderful colours, lights and angle of view. This shot is perfect.
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