Approaching SAtorm

Photo Information
K100D Super with Hanimex 35mm mf lens
13/03/2010 - 19:36bwlchmawr
CategoryLandscape / Travel
Shutter Speed1/640
Focal Length35mm


Link Posted 13/03/2010 - 21:54
Pity about the mess in the FG. There is some nice light beyond the fence but the rest of the scene is pretty drab & uninteresting for me I'm afraid.

Regards, Ian.


Link Posted 13/03/2010 - 22:04
I really like the foreground - as an untamed tangle it has a remarkable gracefulness with all those curves of brambles, and I like the contrast of dark brambles and light dead stems. And the posts contain the Knoll.

It's something that could have been dire and has been made artful. Looks crisp to me, too. Jumped out at me from the Gallery, maybe cos it's Zummerzet!



Link Posted 13/03/2010 - 22:14
Aye! a good shot well recorded regards Ron


Link Posted 14/03/2010 - 09:36
God's county, Jo! It's quite a hard scene to photograph as Brent Knoll is fairly small and the foreground, as Wadna observes is a bit ordinary. I liked the two fence posts and the contrast between the tangled mass of hedgerow and the misty, simple lines of the view beyond.

Thanks for looking, Ron. Boy would I love to go to Scotland one day: there so much of it: I'd be like a kid in a sweet shop!


Best wishes,


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