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Came across this photo that I took a while back, when I was decluttering some of my folders. His name is Kasanga and he lives at the Big Cat Sanctuary in Smarden, Kent.
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Posted 31/01/2023 - 11:53 Link
Smart and proud of himself....he lives in a Sanctuary but does he know he has been living inside a jail and not in his true environment?.....a nice portrait
Posted 31/01/2023 - 13:28 Link
He was rescued from a Circus in France, so despite not being in the wild which would undoubtedly be the best life for him, his situation. Now is far better than it used to be. Unfortunately, due to his previous life, he will never be able to be released into the wild, but he is due to have a companion soon, but not for breeding purposes. Hope that helps to put you mind at rest a little giulio57
Posted 31/01/2023 - 16:49 Link
Hi Weston246. My mind Is at rest. I imagined that previous Life of this lion was not in the wild. I put that question not to write a bad comment to your picture but Simply to squeeze my brain.....your picture reminded me of many ya when inside a neurogenetic Lab a few researchers used a vibratome to make brain sections of mice. Lot of this Animals lived inside their "houses" ready to die for Science.... Survivors watched at others while they were killed. Do they know what Is happening...I asked? No was Reply( but mice were nervous imho)....their brain Is primitive It Is not like a superiore brain....they don't feel like us....well I thought I have neber been a mouse so I don't know their way of thinking and reacting to environment shocks. My question to your picture was a provoking question to me....and It so everytime I look at Animals saved by Good humans. I Hope to have explained to you my comment. It Is not negative against Sanctuary or Zoo....Imagine to rescue a war prisoner kept closed by enemy for many Years....we give him the chance to come back to a normal Life....because he Is human. PS Anyway your picture Is a good portrait.

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