Halictid Bee - Augochlora pura on Convulvulus

Photo Information
One of a portfolio I shot at Starve Rock Nat Res (illinois)
This is a tiny Halictid Bee which is quite rare and very difficult to photograph, particularly inside the Trumpet head of a Convolvulous (field bindweed).

The Head, Thorax and dorsal surface of the abdomen are covered in brilliant metallic green bony plates (schlerites) that have a pitted surface texture that are highly reflective and produce a matrix of very extremely bright pinpoints of light when a flash is used.

This ieffect is much more conspicuous when the light is concentrated in the white flower head and as can be seen, the external white petals are burned out but inside the funnel shaped flower head, where the little bee is located, exposure is more or less correct.

However the reflections from the pitted surface of the bees body parts created very bright halos which needed to be carefully "despeckled" in PS, because in varying degrees it degraded the form and colour of the tiny bee

Shooting Information;

Equipment: K20D with 90mm macro and AF160c ring flash set up on tripod (with wireless remote release)
Photo Data: 125th @ F32 (ISO 100)
21/02/2015 - 08:33Daronl
Shutter Speed1/125
Focal Length90mm
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