Vulcan bomber

Photo Information
Farnborough 2008
22/02/2009 - 09:59Cliff-P
Shutter Speed1/500
Focal Length63mm


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Cliff, this must be one of your prestigious images in your collection, what can I say: sharp, good definition, good composition and of course a good subject. You have done yourself proud with this one. Well taken my friend


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Thanks Rees, got it framed and hanging on the dining room wall

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cliff all i can say to this is WOW, this is a top photo,
would love to say i had taken it, truely amazing,
how did you get it,


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Yes brilliant


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This one brings back memories, I have worked on this Vulcan, when it came into RAF Lyneham Wilts,
Lyneham was one of the dispersal airfields for V bombers when there was a “flap” on, Cold war and all that.
Lovely shot of a very big and beautiful old bird.


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Taken as it was landing after finishing its display, the best part was take off, the noise is unbelievable. There`s also a documentary on Sky TV which is repeated now and again, telling the story of its restoration.

Aren`t you the lucky one loskeran, did you ever manage to fly in one I would give my back teeth to go up in her. Many years ago back in the 50s and 60s my grandad had a farm in Burtonwood next to RAF Burtonwood and as a child I can remember watching Vulcan's taking off. "Awesome"

Thanks for your comments guys, much appreciated

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Hi Cliff,
The Vulcan may look big, but the room inside is rather cramped, just enough space for the flight crew and that is it.
I did go to the big display, When i was injured and in a wheelchair I met the Queen and Philip, and had one of the best places to see the display, 3 of everything 3Vulcans-3 Victors-3 Valliant’s flying low down the airfield then climbing away,
I can assure you the ground shook, and my wheelchair!


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Fantastic shot of a classic British V bomber Cliff, thanks for sharing
Regards Huw

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That must have been some sight Richard

Thanks Greytop, no problem

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