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End of the days programme, a group of entrants set their hot rods up with the Atlantic as a back drop. An event organised by the Vintage Hot Rod association on Pendine Sands, South wales where Donald Campbell set some of his land speed records in the 30's. For decades driving onto the beach had been banned but now for the princely sum of 3 during this organised event you can spend the day parked up on the beach with these glorious vehicles hurtling along with a few achieving 100mph!
20/09/2015 - 18:10akradiabra
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A panoramic capture containing 16 images: typical values:
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Nice story behind.....


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Great work, superb result


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An eye-catching image! Looks great!


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Very well created
Both the *istDS and the K5 are incurably addicted to old glass

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Didn't really create it to be honest. We were parked up near the sand dunes and there in front of us was frantic activity disassembling the event. In the melee I noticed some drivers making their way to the sea and then realised what they were up to with a great number of people in tow. Jumped into my motorhome to get us there as quickly as possible much to the consternation of some mobile marshalls fearing I was breaking the terms of their licensing. A straight forward single shot to encompass the whole scene was impossible what with the number of people and paraphenalia that would have got included so I opted for a swivel panoramic shot from fairly close up which eliminated all the distractions and just hoped that the resultant stitch would work out. And it did - the resultant file was 21927 x 7105 cropped to 19805 x 6408 with jaw dropping detail. The thumbnail posted here doesn't do it justice.


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GIULIO57 wrote:
Nice story behind.....

Wonderful capture of a blast from the past!
Cheers...Donna 😊


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Most impressive line-up!

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