Aurora, Moon and Sunset

by bjolester

This is a photo from 25. April 2012, and my only Northern Lights session with the Pentax 67II medium format film camera. Kodak Porta 800 film. Scanned with a Nikon Coolscan 8000.
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Only just seen this - very well done - lot going on here! I'm surprised the lights have shown up so well when there's still remains of daylight on the horizon. Must have been bright! The low cloud makes a really clear boundary between the remains of the sunlight and the night sky. Did you "light paint" the jetty or was that just local lighting? I wonder how digi would have rendered it in comparison to film? What lens were you using?

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Thank you very much for your comments!

Paul: This photo was taken on the 25. April last year, and by then the night skies had become almost too bright to see the Northern Lights. I caught the moon on its way down below the horizon, and I guess this also added to the light above the mountains. I still use the location where I took this photo, because it is quite near to our house. But it has one drawback, there is a parking lot nearby with a very strong light post, which lights up things on the shore (one day I will take a stone, and....) The jetty is lit by this light post.

On the Pentax 67II I used a 45mm f4 lens, I believe this corresponds to roughly 21mm on a 35mm camera. I believe the image above had a 15 sek exposure, and I used 800 ASA film. The result was a slightly underexposed negative, and had some scratches/damage because of the thin exposure. It was wet scanned on a Nikon Coolscan 8000 at a professional lab, and ended up quite acceptable. I will probably try 1600ASA film if I ever do Northern Lights with my 67II again. If you are interested, there are some more images from this session on my flickr page, done with 35mm film and a Pentax MX.

While it is fun using film, I do believe that a digital SLR is a better tool for Northern Light photography. Digital catches the nuances of the light phenomenon in a better way.



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