Lancaster Bomber

by K30git

Another one from Shuttleworth against that lovely grey/white sky (not). Will admit to some post processing with this one else frankly it wouldn't deserve looked at...
Uploaded06/09/2013 - 10:03
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Nice angle, nice shot

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very very jealous, I really wanted to go to this but had to stay home and fix the car instead

Perfect shutter speed for just the right amount of prop blur, nice capture.
you don't have to be mad to post here

but it does help
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1stEverPentax wrote:
Nice angle, nice shot


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Thanks very much gents, sorry you couldn't make it Mongoose.
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Good shot. From the Battle of Britain Flight I assume, I think it's the only left one flying in the UK.

43 years ago I and some others got the chance to go inside that aircraft (while on the gound). Everyone else rushed to the cockpit but I went back and sat in the rear gunners turret. There wasn't a proper seat, the gunner sat with his knees up and the gun between his legs. In an emergency the turret was turned 180 degrees and the occupant jumped or fell straight out. The crews certainly were brave in WWII.
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Too true Russ, its striking the rear gunners accepted their risks with such stoicism.

For anyone interested there's a very informative documentary on the role of Lancasters and their young flight crews:

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