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It is a fine sunny day today--a great day for window shopping. Never shot this window before.
20/04/2022 - 23:13go4IT
CategorySpecialist / Abstract
Shutter Speed1/125
Focal Length85mm


Link Posted 20/04/2022 - 23:51
And you've shopped well, as always
if i remember clearly another poster from some time back suggested ,a book of your finest refeltions go4IT
Im remembering some photos as i speak and i think with the amount of stock you have photographed, an editor will have to be employed to cut through the mountain into final production.
i loved the liquid reflection one from last year among others


Link Posted 21/04/2022 - 12:36
Flan: Thanks for the encouragement. I have indeed gone the coffee-table book route---a convenient way to browse through some of my favourite transmogrifications.


Link Posted 22/04/2022 - 01:05
Great colours and compo as usual..Liked..tommyt.


Link Posted 22/04/2022 - 09:59
All I can think is that the Canadian glass and windows companies must be making a Mint !
Another great addition to your extensive collection.
Best regards
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