Sparkling Christmas Composition

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This will be the last in my mini series of Christmas Tree Decoration pictures - too much of a good thing and all that. This one is taken with a different lens - Tele-Takumar 200mm F5.6 Pre-set and a 12mm Extension Tube. The lens is a gem and one that I think will get lots of use when I can get out and about.

13 second exposure, lit only by the Tree Lights.
07/12/2011 - 23:11davidstorm
CategoryStill Life
Shutter Speed13 sec
Focal Length200mm


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Excellent capture DAvid
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Would make a nice card...pretty much sums up Christmas.....bahh humbug!
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Very nice photo. Give Hallmark a call.

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Lovey David, I've made cards this years from last years deccies. This is really good don't stop posting them they sum up Christmas cheers Trixie


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Lovely shot David, i love the little starbursts, this would make a lovely Christmas card.
Kind regards Maria


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I think that this shot is your best one of your mini series. I really like it. It helps us to become attuned to Christmas.
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