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Thought I would show two methods of 'Off Camera Flash' I use -- the camera is my 1974 ASAHI PENTAX SPOTMATIC F which has a 'hot shoe' and the flash is the infamous VIVITAR 283 -- my one is the 'Made in Japan' version so it probably has the 'high trigger voltage' which could damage modern 'digital' cameras -- NO WORRIES with 'old PENTAXES !! ' THIS one shows the Vivitar with the 'extension cable. -- the sensor is removable and put onto the hot shoe attachment so it faces the subject and measures the reflected light -- I hold flash to the side and above the camera.
14/05/2014 - 10:50Peter Elgar
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There's memories!

Usually improves portrait work, no red-eye, better shadow depth,
and the subject isn't as blinded with each shot.

I still have my "F". The last of a great series.
Mac from Montreal

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Peter Elgar

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Thanks Mac- you're my 'Biggest Fan' !! I will post second photo tomorrow showing 'Wireless Trigger' PS did you read about my 'Visit to Montreal' in your last post on my photos ?
been a member of Pentax Club since the Ron Spillman era! Got COMPUTERISED at last - DIGITISED? Taken the PLUNGE - BUT FILM STILL RULES !!!


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Now, there's a scene I could replicate here, but you've saved me the job and probably done it a whole lot better!
I was once in Montreal, for about 24 hours, in November! Nuff said!

Photography is not a sport. It has no rules. Everything must be dared and tried! (Bill Brandt)
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