Naga Catholic Cemetery

by Peter Elgar

Every time I go to the Philippines my Wife has to visit her deceased Dad and other relatives in the Naga Catholic Cemetery which is a 'very interesting place ' !! If you are not 'Rich' the bodies are put into little 'Boxes' which are rented out for 10 years - at the end of that time if you don't pay the Rent the bones are taken out and put into sacks --- sometimes skulls are shown which make very 'photogenic subjects ' Pic shows the area where my Wife's Dad and others are in their 'boxes' ( see background ) needless to say the RENT is paid up ! If you are RICH then you can afford a 'tomb' or posher grave. ME Super + 24mm f2.8 Carl Zeiss Jena lens + outdated Fuji Velvia 50 rated 32 ASA
See my earlier post 'Expensive Tomb' for more on the subject
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Powerful narrative in the image as well as the accompanying text
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Very interesting

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