Motorway Church - main altar and window (for Tg)

by Anthropoglossa

This ultra-modern church on the service area at Firenze Nord has an equally modern representation of its dedication to St John the Baptist over the high altar. Some of the "tent pole" pillars can also be seen. The form of the church is that of a tent to evoke the itinerant workers who built the Italian motorways. It commemorates those who were killed during their construction.
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Posted 01/12/2014 - 11:10 Link Arch. Giovanni Michelucci..At those times I was a child(it was 1960 about)....Later I remember this Church has been considered as a model for many other architects
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I recommend a tighter crop as the out of focus black box is a bit ugly.
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bwlchmawr wrote:
I recommend a tighter crop as the out of focus black box is a bit ugly.

This is not intended to be a picture of the window only - cropping the "black box" might improve the picture but would deprive it of the essential internal structural members, part of the fascination of the building.

- Anthropoglossa

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