Henry Royce. Giant of a man.

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Tribute statue to Henry Royce of Rolls Royce fame (Derby). Hard to believe this is only life size. Shot close up and wide.
11/01/2011 - 17:52VonBatCat
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Link Posted 17/01/2011 - 11:57
Hi Guys - This my first stab at judging a competition and I have realised how much you learn from giving comment to other people’s work. One last thing before you read the comments aren’t we lucky to have so much public art that creates controversy, love passion and hate! I hope that in this time of cuts the future of public art continues
1st place Von Bob Cat – I love the way the frost has made the statue live and the angle you have taken the picture at creates a really personal contact between the viewer and the image
2nd David Trout - Great Image and it proves no matter how often pictures are taken you can always be original – fantastic angle of shot
3rd Isdky I like a bit of photoshop when it works – you have really created a canvas shot here that would look great large and on a wall well done
Womble your fairy really captures 70’s hippy feeling good capture
Geordie 01 like the fact it makes you think, maybe a bit more contrast against the sky
Tomo – I love this statue against the building, it’s a great place to visit, I think the stue needs some more light to create a bit more impact
royd63uk – I spend a lot of time in wales so I know this sculpture well, I thonk it lacks adepth in the detail of the sculpture and the background is a bit busy I might have tried to Bokeh’ out the background in Photoshop
Time – I like Anthony Gormley he is good for Togs. Great shot just could do with more interest to make it an image you can live with
Andyales – Lack’s a little detail and sharpness and again That certain something that creates longevity and interest (sorry I do not what it is, but when I find out I will share it!)
Solas I really like this picture did you ask the jets to deliberately give you the x Factor!
Malcom Leader – really love the texture of the carving, but felt the background was neither in focus or out of focus so sort of distracted the image
Mudge – lovely light on the sculpture sort of cropped short (hand missing) and again it needs the background toning down a bit I felt
Nonur – This what I like about public sculpture people use it great for getting street shots
Alanj255 – I really want to go and see this one in real life – you could have some fun with them great textures a bit of work in photoshop would help the composition and the background
Trubshaw –- Fantastic shot of the statue, the lights perfect, it really gets the emotion but the background distracts
Priani this is a lovely shot it should be on postcards and make you a lot of money!
JudithAnn – not sure about this one but I can see it would be fun to with a model I think it is the contrast between the black and modernity of the girls clothes and the classical marble of the statue
TOSSA27 great focus on the sculpture but the background just gets in the way and the flag cropped just draws the eye away from the picture
ArsenaAL – wow what a great statue (there is a similar style of a group of famine victims in Dublin) background nicely out of focus I felt the statue itself needed some light to the eye ( oh to have an assistant with a reflector)
Alexfilipov – you know sometimes on second and third look images grow in impact – this one has on me – it just looks sexy light and detail - well done
BAJ – I love this one, it has humour, colour, shape and texture – it’s a great piece of topiary and God bless the council for paying for it!
Axel Luthor – less is more – I want to see the rest of the horse! I really like this picture - well done
JohnRiley – another great shot - the lichen adds texture, the background is muted to allow the statue to find it’s space, the arms grab attention- nice shot
Wzorektom – Lovely shot, great depth of fields and I like the crop it makes you think what are they thinking?
Bill-And I love the angle of this shot, poised to dive, for me the statue is not quite vibrant/light enough against the deep blue of the sky
Dr Orloff – Wow what a picture, I love it and it would make a great art print – I have been a bit harsh on you as it is not ( in my opinion) public art -but you have made it so well done
GlynM lovey sharpness great colour, just a little static may be if you had created space for the p[lane to be flying into or on the other side flying away from it would some interest to what is a technically very good shot
Alien grove – really like this one, with plane flying through hoops – creates a great sense of space
Darlene – well done this is sharp and this would make a great art photocard
Sandinista – very creative, as with all art the beauty is in the eye of the beholder – I think if the image was slightly more face on it would help crete a sense of depth
Gartmore Wow the detail and emotion in this picture is superb – I like the way the shot is composed to give space and freedom for the sculpture to move
Mike Court
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Well done 1Von Bob Cat, 2David Trout 3Isdky, all very worthy winners and thanks Mike for taking the time to judge and comment. Not sure if most people will be aware you have put these comments up, they usually go under the main comp title.
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Link Posted 17/01/2011 - 12:42
Thank you for the great judging, well done Congratulation to VonBobCat for first place. Also to 2nd and 3rd, winners.
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