Winner Of 500th Weekly Competition On Pentax User

Find out who has won the 500th weekly Pentax User competition.

14/02/2017 - 08:58

Crazy Man!

The 500th weekly Pentax User competition has now closed and Pentax User member Nigelk, with the shot 'Crazy Man!', has been crowned the overall winner.

To celebrate the 500th competition, Pentax User will award Nigelk with a 1-year Pentax User Plus subscription, plus a Vanguard Havana 33 Medium Messenger Bag. Well done Nigelk!

Competition number #501 is currently taking place so why not enter a photo if you've not played along before? The idea is simple; each member can post one image in the forum thread and at the end of the week, the judge appraises the images and selects a winner. The member who is awarded first place chooses the following week's competition theme and becomes the next judge.

For more information, visit the competition section of Pentax User. 

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