Ricoh Theta Plug-In Store Now Live So You Can Customise Your Ricoh Theta V

A new, online marketplace for Ricoh Theta plug-ins is now live.

25/07/2018 - 10:31

Ricoh Theta V (5)

Ricoh Theta V owners can now download plug-ins so they can customise their devices via new functionalities. 

The new functions, which are available now at the Ricoh Theta Market Place, include wireless live streaming, remote camera control and automatic image uploads.

As well as Ricoh, brands such as Sony  NTT DOCOMO and HoloBuilder have created plug-ins which can be downloaded. Plus, anyone who is part of the Ricoh Theta Plug-in Partner Program can also develop their own Android-based software plug-ins for the Ricoh Theta V.

Ricoh kicked-off the Ricoh Theta Plug-in Partner Program last month, with a website that provides easy access to tools and online support. Since then, many developers have joined the program, and five third-party plug-ins are currently available from the store. Three new plug-ins developed by Ricoh are also available.

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