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Ricoh Establishes Ricoh Pentax Imaging Company Ltd

Ricoh's purchase of Pentax Imaging is now official with the formation of Ricoh Pentax Imaging Company Ltd.

Posted: 01/10/2011 - 09:43

Ricoh Pentax Logo Merged (Not Official)

Ricoh's plans to buy the Pentax Imaging Division, announced on the 1st of July, have now become official, with an announcement posted on both Pentax and Ricoh's websites, creating a new company with a new company name: Pentax Ricoh Imaging Company, Ltd. a wholly owned subsidiary of Ricoh Company, Ltd. More information is available on Ricoh's website.

From Ricoh: Ricoh Establishes: PENTAX RICOH IMAGING COMPANY, LTD.

Tokyo, October 1, 2011--Ricoh Company, Ltd. (President & CEO: Shiro Kondo; hereinafter referred to as “Ricoh”) announces the establishment of PENTAX RICOH IMAGING COMPANY, LTD. as its wholly owned subsidiary on October 1, 2011. Earlier, HOYA Corporation (President & CEO: Hiroshi Suzuki; hereinafter referred to as “HOYA”) transferred the PENTAX Imaging Systems Business to PENTAX Imaging Corporation, a newly established subsidiary of HOYA, through an absorption-type split (spin off) and business transfer. Ricoh has acquired all shares outstanding in PENTAX Imaging Corporation, as of today, completing the transaction. Ricoh also changed the name of the company at the same time.

By forming the new company, Ricoh will strive to further bolster consumer products and services, in addition to its existing digital camera business.


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