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Pentax K-01 Discontinued

Pentax has discontinued its K-01 mirrorless camera.

Posted: 26/02/2013 - 11:00

Pentax K-01

Pentax has discontinued its K-01 mirrorless camera.

The K-01 was unusual in the fact that it was a mirrorless camera that fitted Pentax K-mount lenses.

It has been discontinued after just 12 months on the market. Recently, the K-01 has suffered steep pricing cuts.

The K-01 was one of the largest mirrorless cameras, due to its full depth K mount. Designed by Marc Newson, it was one of the most unusual looking cameras on the market.

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Posted 07/03/2013 - 05:25 Link
Not sure what the above post has to do with the k-01 but I recommend its deletion.


Snappy Happy with a K10.

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