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PENTAX 17 Film Camera Announced

Ricoh announce the new PENTAX 17 film camera the first release from their film project. The camera shoots half-frame vertical allowing two photos per frame on traditional 35mm film and features a fixed length 25mm (37mm equivalent) f/3.5 lens.

Posted: 18/06/2024 - 08:23

Pentax 17

The PENTAX 17 was developed based on the PENTAX Film Camera Project, a concept first announced in December of 2022, in which RICOH IMAGING revealed that it was planning to develop and market a new PENTAX-brand film camera. The popularity of film cameras has grown rapidly in recent years - especially among young photographers who have experienced this type of camera for the first time ever -- because of the distinctive, somewhat nostalgic ambience that is so much different from that of digital cameras.

Contrary to this recent trend, the ability to hand down the knowhow and technology of experienced expert engineers to their younger counterparts for the development of film cameras has been diminishing every year, because digital cameras are now the overwhelming mainstream of photography.

The PENTAX 17 was developed using a vast amount of knowhow and technology which RICOH IMAGING/PENTAX had accumulated over the years, with experts and younger engineers working closely together. The camera was designed to allow photographers to express their originality and creativity by leaving some room for manual operation, rather than making it a fully automatic camera.

The PENTAX 17 lets photographers fully enjoy the world of film cameras -- the origin of photography. It is an ideal model not only for film camera enthusiasts who have enjoyed film photography for years, but also for young photographers who are excited about trying film photography for the first time.

Key features of the PENTAX 17

  • Half-size format
  • Manual camera operation unique to film cameras
  • Newly developed Fixed-Focal length lens combining time-proven optics and the latest lens coating technology
  • Zone-focus system to switch the in-focus area via simple selection of zone marks
  • Bright optical viewfinder for real-time confirmation of a subject image
  • Seven shooting modes to accommodate different applications
  • High-quality body with meticulous attention to every detail

Join in on the dicussions about The New Pentax 17 on our forum or pre-order today from SRS Microsystems.

Credits: Ricoh Japan / PENTAX Film Photography

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