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New Pentax Spotting Scope Kit

Pentax has released an all weather, dustproof spotting scope.

Posted: 02/04/2013 - 16:06

PR-80 EDA Spotting Scope Kit with PR XL 8-24 eyepiece

Pentax Ricoh Imaging have announced the launch of a new spotting scope for terrestrial viewing.

The PR-80 EDA Scope kit with PR XL 8-24 Eyepiece features a double-ED objective lens and FBMC (Fully Balanced Multi Coating). 

The compact and light PR-80 EDA Kit is argon-purged, fully water and dust proof (JIS Class 6), plus the scope uses a Pentax astro-standard 1 ¼" (31,7mm) eyepiece connector. This allows for the use of all high-performance XW and XF-Series of eyepieces in the Pentax range.

The PR-80 EDA Spotting Scope Kit (RRP £1,249.99) and PR XL 8-24 Eyepiece (RRP £279.99) are available to purchase now. Visit Pentax for more information.


High Image Performance - Modifications were made to all optical systems, starting with the double ED (Extra-low Dispersion) glass used in the objective lens, offering improved light transmission and image performance when compared to conventional models using ED glass.  True colour, as well as crystal clear and crisp optical performance, is further enhanced by the FBMC (Fully Balanced Multi Coating) on all lenses and prisms, both in the scope and the eyepiece.

Eyepiece Versatility - Featuring the standard 1.25" (31.7mm) connector, the consumer can utilise all existing eyepieces in the Pentax product line-up.  This includes the XW-Series (XW 7, XW 10, XW 14 and XW 20), as well as the XF-Series (XF 8.5, XF 12 and XF Zoom). The new PR XL delivers a 20 – 60X magnification and features an additional o-ring on the connector to make it a unique outdoor performer.

Outdoor "Maverick" - The combination of optical performance, argon-purged body (to prevent internal fogging) and rubber armouring makes the PR-80 EDA Kit "outdoor-proof". The eyepiece connector features an o-ring which, when the eyepiece is inserted into the scope, creates the waterproof, dustproof outdoor "maverick" preferred by the discerning observer who expects a rough, tough and rugged product while delivering exceptional optical performance.  The PR-80 EDA Kit fulfills all JIS Class 6 (or equivalent) standards.

Lightweight and Ergonomic Construction - The scope body is made of light-weight magnesium alloy and weighs in at only 2.400 g (incl. eyepiece and case) and is extremely compact (only 410mm incl. eyepiece) vs. other 80mm models in the market.  The ergonomic 45° angle of the eyepiece enables viewing in a comfortable posture. Additionally, the body and eyepiece can be tilted left or right from centre by rotating the adjustment screw of the tripod socket. The grey rubber armouring prevents damage by absorbing shocks from unintentional impacts.

Fast and Micro Focus - The focusing knob is situated at the centre for smooth and easy right or left-hand operation.  It is divided into a rough and fine focus knob for particular precision and, if required, fast reaction to variable distances.

Built-in Lens Hood - A built-in lens hood serves to protect the lens from direct exposure to rain and to prevent inner reflections by keeping external light sources outside the field of view.

Digiscoping - It will be possible to connect any Pentax DSLR camera to the spotting scope by means of an adapter (under development, launch to be advised). By means of the adapter, the spotting scope can be "converted" into a high-power telephoto lens. Estimated focal length will be around 1.500mm.

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