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Summer Issue 2 2009 contents

Edge of frame

Matt Grayson talks about why you should pay attention to the edges as well as the middle of your photographs.

A&P Series Lenses

John Riley takes a look at the A&P series lenses.

Photographing interiors

Roy Hampson shows us how a little bit of politeness can get us into some really interesting places the public don't always see.

Creative camera work

John Riley sets his imagination free with a little help from Photoshop.

Pentax X-70 first look

Matt Grayson gets a hands-on look at Pentax's new zoom camera.

From Disneyland to Fashion

Frank Donato left Disneyland to start a career in fashion photography.

Car Photography

Ben Lowden is a professional car photographer and he has a few tips on how we can make our photographs of cars shine.

Pentax 21mm lens review

David Askham puts the 21mm lens to the test.

Beating the recession

David Askham says we can still enjoy photography even if our pockets are empty.
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