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Summer Issue 2 2002 contents
Summer Issue 2 2002 contents

Sea birds

Wildlife photographer, David Robinson, goes in search of feathered friends and while he was at it he shot this issue’s cover model.

The Z-1's Hyper mode

David Young extols the virtues of the Pentax Z-1s Hyper Manual mode.

Snap happy

Roger Cope looks at common picture

Model behaviour

If you fancy shooting portraits, call on your neighbour. That’s what David Newham did and he’s never looked back.

Pushing Film

Black & white film is versatile in low light, especially when it’s pushed beyond the limits – John Percival explains.

Carnival time

Kelvin Webb travels the world and shoots carnivals. His colourful images even include UK festivals like the one below in Hastings.

Mail order special offers

Post free deals on accessories, books and other photo products in our mail order pages.

Burning film

Keith Hughes finds a creative way to make use of those end-of-film frames that would normally be filed in the bin.

Stock photography

David Askham explores the world of picture libraries and suggests subjects to shoot.


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