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A few images from the Yves St Laurent foundation in Paris. The exhibit when we went was devoted to YSL's passion for asian art and culture, which, like many other passions, made its way into his fashion collections. Much of the exhibit design was on the dark side (I suppose to better show off the glitter in this collection), to my wife's dismay (a seamstress likes to get up close under good light!). I found it graphically rather interesting...







YSL's office and desk, at which my wife would have loved to sit for a few hours, soaking in the vibe... But cross the line and off goes the alarm... (no, she didn't try, but others...). I wish I had taken a more open shot of the office, as it is quite large (there are 3 desks like this one, which you only see half of) and luminous, with an extraordinary library of art and culture (from all over the world) books, and gives off a general feeling of intense work and serenity combined.


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I'll tack on a few more here, one of the exhibit itself, plus a few architectural details from this comfortable parisian "Hôtel Particulier" ("town house" is, I think, the english equivalent).






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You've done a cracking job of conveying the exhibition - often these type of photos just become a set of poorly composed records - you've made an exhibition of the exhibition, congratulations


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Yes a very nice record of your visit. I like the architectural captures at the end too.

(If ever you find yourself in Marrakesh, visit the Majorelle Gardens. YSL bought it and restored it in the 1980's and it is a fabulous oasis in the middle of the noisy bustling city.)

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B&W works so so well with these images, very evocative of 35mm film days.



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Thank you all for your comments.

LennyBloke wrote:
you've made an exhibition of the exhibition, congratulations

I do generally strive for more than just faithful records when visiting exhibits/museums, and I have a hard time complying when my wife asks for "a normal shot of this one, please"...

pschlute wrote:
visit the Majorelle Gardens

Definitely on the to-do list if we make it to Marrakesh someday.

MikeInDevon wrote:
B&W works so so well with these images

Truth be told, they'd be pretty nice in colour (thanks to YSL's taste and work) if I had the skills and screen to "go colour" more often than I do... I would also need to to not be so engrossed with B+W images
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Love how you mix in reflections with the real thing, Serge, giving multiple layers to each... difficult to choose favourites here... love the composition of 2, and the graphic lines vs floral pattern of 3... whilst no 5 has a touch of the "Turin Shroud" about it... super lines in 9 and 10 too...




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Thank you for your thoughts, Bill, I hadn't seen the Shroud, yet it is there indeed. Might become the title of the image, if ever needed.


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I very much like these,
Nearly all has been said already,
So I'll just add, the last few isolation shots are cracking.
Great set, and pp is spot on
I know what i like, If not always why.


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Thanks, Derek (and I love post processing as much as I love taking the pics, so double thanks).


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That's a really nice set of pictures, I like this B&W effect!
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Thank you Raza, much appreciated.
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