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Yet Another Tripod help request

Posted 23/07/2013 - 15:31 Link
Hi All

I've decided that my cheap 25 Velbon isn't cutting the mustard and want to finally upgrade to something worthwhile & long lasting. I've looked here and on multiple other sites and to be honest the options are overwhelming!

So what do I "think" I'm looking for? Lightweight, ability to get low, flexible?. As for the head, I honestly have no idea what to ask for as I've not been exposed to what the options all mean!

For the right one I would be prepared to pay 350-400.... but obviously would prefer not too... maybe someone has a second hand for sale

I just don't have anywhere near me to even have a play with things to check them out.

Posted 23/07/2013 - 15:51 Link
I've just bought one of these which I'm well pleased with. I got the YTL8354 which I'm using with a ball head.
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Posted 23/07/2013 - 17:15 Link
I've just purchased a Manfrotto 055PROXB from SRS at 129 to use with my existing head. My requirements were;

Able to take the load from a gripped K5 + Big Sigma
Ability to go tall
Not too heavy in weight or price.

No carbon fiber unit I could see would bear the load and having tried a Slik CF with the above I knew I needed a metal one. The 055 also has the ability to send the centre column horizontal which makes some things much easier. As to getting low - it does that, too.
Posted 23/07/2013 - 17:41 Link
Hi John.

I have recently purchased a Redsnapper tripod and ballhead (RS-324 tripod; RSH-12 ball head) and I am very pleased with it.

It meets several of your requirements: ability to get low (very low), and flexible (one long and one short column included, ability to reverse the centre column. Comes with a decent carry bag too.

Price for the tripod and head combination is 149; I used the discount code RED10 at the time of purchase (early June) to get a 10% discount. Not sure if this is still valid though.

Delivery was very prompt (48hrs).

I wouldn't describe it as lightweight. It isn't heavy but it is no featherweight either. I have carried it for a couple of hours or so and it is acceptable to me. I do feel though that it wouldn't "sit" well on a backpack-style camera bag for a day-long trek.

On the plus side, it is very stable and well made. It securely holds my K5 and DA18-135 (currently my heaviest gear).

Others have reported that Redsnapper gear is good value - a quick google will help find other reviews.

Any questions or request for pictures, just ask.

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Posted 23/07/2013 - 19:09 Link
More details of the Giottos YTL series. They really are very compact for a full size tripod. Carbon fibre is not only light weight but also reckoned to damp vibrations better than Aluminium, not quite as good as wood though ...
K5, LightRoom 5
Sigma 8-16 Pentax DA 16-45 Pentax DA 55-300 Pentax 18-55WR Tamron 90 Di Macro Metz 44 AF-1
Posted 23/07/2013 - 22:24 Link
I use a Benro Travel Angel 2...this is the aluminium version but I actually have the CF one bought directly from China via Ebay at an excellent price, anyway it's a great sturdy tripod

Also have a look at these, very highly thought of.. website is a bit geeky for my taste but products are excellent

To be fair Redsnapper are also very good for the price

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Posted 24/07/2013 - 13:42 Link
thanks all for the replies, most helpful. I've looked at a few reviews on youtube this morning and have to say that if I'm prepared to spend my full budget, I really like the 3LT Brian.

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