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I have just had a shocking experience. Having resolved to have my ailing Pentax K-50 investigated, I approached 2 shops in Nottingham with a view to having my camera diagnosed and serviced, JESSOPS was the first shop I approached and they informed me they had no dealings with Pentax cameras and had no contact or knowledge of any servicing networks in relation to Pentax cameras. This, despite their openly dealing in high-end Pentax lenses from their online outlet. Jessops immediately sent me round the corner to The London Camera Exchange and they seemed to have one or 2 second-hand reconditioned camera equipment items on offer, but again denied they had any dealings with Pentax and no way of making contact with anyone who would oblige me by diagnosing my problem or offering a service. This Guy did at least take a cursory look at my camera - and without knowing suggested that my sensor had gone and the cost would likely be around 300 to resolve if I ever found someone who deals with Pentax procedures and equipment.

So what is the experience of my fellow photographers on here? I am agog to see if the User Forum can come up with some advice and expertise you can lend to your fellow travellers on what looks like a trading stand-off, or an embargo at the very least!

Your thoughts are most welcome on this.


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Try this


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At Perspicador.
I , think they would be reluctant to recommend any repair shop, as matter of policy.

A Pentax Pro dealer , may be a different experience.




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Yes follow the link Chrism8 gave you.

They are the official Pentax repair centre for the UK.

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What's the issue with your K-50?
John K



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There is also AsahiPhoto link
Email: service@asahiphoto.co.uk
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JAK wrote:
What's the issue with your K-50?

The screen suddenly stopped displaying taken photos which were all dark. It displays previous memory card images perfectly so this has left me perplexed and in a state of shock. Its a beautiful camera currently completely non functional for fresh photo taking. Asahi recommends a proper diagnosis prior to jumping to conclusions, so I am looking out for that rare expertise that would know what it is looking at and delivers sound advice. Many thanks for all your help on here. there is someone in Uttoxeter who might be able to help
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Aperture block failure; a well known problem? If so, too expensive to repair.
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See here:

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Sounds like aperture motor failure. I had same problem repair cost nearly 200. There is a video on You Tube showing an Indian gentleman doing a repair in 14 minutes if your brave enough to have a go.


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Sadly that would seem to be the issue.
Someone on the USA forum resolved it by using different batteries (Eneloops.)
Got to be worth a try?
That used to resolve issues with the earlier Pentax DSLRs that wouldn't even turn on.
John K
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Reading through that thread again, it only appears to be a temporary fix for some users. I notice one UK user there 'bit the bullet' and paid around 200 for a repair. Now it would be better to put the money towards a new KP!
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But a set of batteries must be worth a try. Four AA batteries will have other uses even if it doesn't resolve the problem they were bought for! It won't be money wasted.
John K
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Thrilled to say a visit to service and repairs, courtesy of John Pye - Uttoxeter, has put me as right as rain! It was mirror misalignment plus a service - about an hours work and the damage was 113.50p so K-50 is back on the scene. So thanks, everybody for help and advice- especially Chris Mills. 6-month guarantee too,


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Excellent outcome. The symptoms certainly sounded like the aperture block but it was certainly worth having it checked!!
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