Wistman's Wood in Devon. Very first photos taken with the K1MII


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One trick that's obvious once you have done it is to pull the screen out horizontal and with live view you can hand hold it happily right down to ground level and see what you are doing.
If those pictures are any indication (right at the start) then I'm looking forward to seeing them once you've got the hang of it !
Both the *istDS and the K5 are incurably addicted to old glass

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Great stuff... wishing you a great trip...




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Great images, especially the first and last.

I went to Wistman's Wood about 10 months age found it quite difficult clambering over the rocks I don't know if there is an actual path through it. Maybe its just my age.
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That's impressive, particularly with a new camera. They are what I used to imagine woods in Tolkein's Middle Earth looked like (before the Lord of the Rings films meant the end of imagination). Looking forward to seeing some more from your travels. It's always interesting to find out how a non-native views the UK, those of us who live here take so much for granted.



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The inspiration of the landscape and new camera seem to have worked wonders. Great!
John K


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JudithAnn wrote:
Thank you one and all. I am all sorted now, and the new K1 which is both amazing and intimidating. I am trying to get the hang of it. I simply put it on AUTO yesterday and let the camera make the decision as I did not want to be spending time trying to figure out settings.

It a rough walk to Wistman's wood, about 45 minutes of following the trails made by creatures who have hooves. You need to climb over one fence. This Granny was feeling her age! Was it worth it...OH YES! I really want to go back, but I do not think we will be able too. Looks like I need to return! LOL


Am loving these travel updates and images.
Congrats on making the most of a tricky situation. Good stuff.

Thanks from New Zealand


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Wonderful use of your new camera, first and last for me, too - with a preference for the first (a bolder, colourfully dynamic image, yet peaceful). Have a good trip and please show us more as you go.
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