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Hi all, I have my P30n and a roll of film.

Q - should I be able to operate the winder without film?

Q - when I have film in place, and the door shut, should I be able to wind on?

Q - if I can't operate the winder am I doing something wrong?



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One you have the film in place and the door closed you should be able to wind on ONCE. After that you will need to fire the shutter before you can wind on again. You'll have to do this a couple of times after loading to get the exposure counter to zero (in order to wind beyond the part of the film that was exposed to light when you loaded it). You should have the camera in manual mode to do this.

Im summary, you can only wind on once (film or no film) before you'll have to fire the shutter before being able to wind on again.
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Thanks Jonathan-Mac, that seems to work, so all systems go.

Film in, lens attached and all aspects of the camera seem to be working.

many thanks,



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Don't forget to rewind the film into the cassette before opening the back

Not that I've ever done it of course but if you do, snapping the back closed immediately minimises the damage.
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Probably easier just to read the manual
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Hi, and yes, the manual was the first thing I looked at.

The explanation above was a lot clearer than the manual. I thought what I was doing was correct but no harm in checking with guys on the forum.


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