Why was the Pentax stand at Focus 2006 at the NEC so bad?


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Hi all,

If Pentax REALLY is serious about competing with the big boys and not going the way of Minolta, then why was their stand at Focus on Imaging so small and so poor? I was shocked at the cheap and 'thrown together' nature of the stand. Why pay so much to stand at the NEC and then have such awful product displays?

In complete contrast Lee Filters, a very small company who surely must have a fraction of the budget of Pentax UK had a much larger and far more professional stand with superb product display. I think the Pentax UK sales manager should have some serious questions asked of him (or her)

What do others think?

Cheers Steve.


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I do understand what you say, but at least it was a start. Much better than Canon, who were not even there.

If from these small beginnings an enthusiasm can build, then ultimately it will be a success. The products are right, the promotion has always been patchy in the UK, but hopefully that is changing.

By contrast, the ePHOTOzine stand was enormous, and seemed to be getting an excellent throughput of visitors.

Did you enjoy the exhibition? Hard on the feet isn't it?
Best regards, John


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the two stands I was looking for, both Pentax and Pentaxuser.co.uk, I stumbled upon accidentally. The pentax stand did have a few nice looking lenses, but as I had absolutely no intention of buying, I didn't think it would be fair to take up their time with demos etc..

I found the pentaxuser stand by accident, after having almost given up on finding it. In a previous post, I mentioned my abscess.. I couldn't get to a dentist without missing the show, so I was walking around in some considerable discomfort, and basically just had to sit down.. and there it was, right in front of us.

I wasn't really in the mood to chat, although on any other day, they'd have been graced with my life story, whether they wanted it or not.. There was a guy at the ephotozine stand that was just finishing up on a chat, that sounded interesting. Big bloke, slightly balding (sorry if you read this) chatting about weddings and portraiture. I wish I'd caught more of it.

With me feeling crap basically, and Mrs. Liam having seen enough after an hour or so, I really don't think that I got the best from the show, but it was definitely good enough to spark my interest for a return trip next year.

And if you think that was a bad day for me, we were going to take my car, a nice big comfy Ford Scorpio.. and something made a hell of a noise at the back two miles from home, so I carefully drove it back, and we jumped in Mrs. L's car, which is not as big or as comfy, so my abscess screamed over every pot hole there and back.

That'll give me something to fix tomorrow.

Still, how was your day..

BTW: George, for the man who has everything, when I saw this I thought of you..

a 53ft high monopod..

I think the stilts are extra!!!!



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George Lazarette

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Good grief, Liam, how tall do you think I am?

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Yes, the Pentax / Tamron stand was poor by comparison with previous years but I did have a play with the DA 10-17mm fisheye zoom and was very impressed. For such a light and compact lens, it delivers a surprisingly bright image with no apparant focus shift throughout the zooming range. Build quality is excellent with swift focus and smooth zoom actions - if only I could justify 400 to Mrs. Kimbo!

I ended up going yesterday afternoon and if it's any consolation Liam, I did look out for a man with a swollen face looking sorry for himself but I didn't spot you - so you couldn't have looked that bad!
I suffered with one of those things a while ago and I looked like a hamster, so bad that the dentist prescribed a course of anti-biotics to reduce the swelling before he'd operate. Hope you get it sorted soon Liam.

The NEC is tough on the feet and you do need to pace yourself. Not wishing to pay 7 to park the car, I left it at my workplace and it took 30mins. to walk to the halls - approx. 15mins. to the railway station and a further 10-15mins. through the maze of corridors, escalators and steps. The moving walkways along part of the concourse are a great help but it's a pity that they don't go further and after a couple of hours wandering around the halls, I certainly wasn't looking forward to the walk back.

What's always impressed me at the show (not being into professional printing), are those enormous printers churning out massive poster sized prints - the image quality is stunning, and the amount of ink used per picture would probably keep my A4 Epson going for months.
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Hi John,

I did enjoy the show. The stands with used gear seemed very busy, which is nice to see, probably because it is so hard to find any shops with it nowadays. One thing that was good, was some digital work is starting to look more natural finally..I may eventually jump ships, but it is still not good enough yet.

I am a former retailer amongst other things, which is why the shoddy display came to immediate attention. It just gives Pentax an image of amateurism, which is just what the Pentax brand does not need...I would suggest staff need changing.



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I was'nt at the NEC but I think the pathetic advertisement for the DL in the photomags says it all ( See the Quality. Feel the Difference.)
That's if you can find it! The product shot certainly does'nt do any justice to such a fine camera.
Why? - What's wrong? - FIX IT!!
Pentax is much better than this.
Best regards,


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This was all very good compared to the dismal standards of the Kodak stand. One saleperson proudly showed me the new Kodak twin Lens Compact, but had no idea why it had two lenses or why it was an advantage. He mumbled a bit about "LSR" cameras and eventually retreated into a state of anguished embarrassment.

So things could indeed be much worse...
Best regards, John


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I see a lot of pride and brand loyalty in these threads. Also alot of complaining about marketing and market share. I've even had a rant or two myself. So what r we going to do about it?
If we don't like thier marketing materials, why don't we send them a sample of how we can do it better....
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You pitching for their business then Don?
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Don wrote:
I see a lot of pride and brand loyalty in these threads. Also alot of complaining about marketing and market share. I've even had a rant or two myself. So what r we going to do about it?
If we don't like thier marketing materials, why don't we send them a sample of how we can do it better....

There are a lot of creative minds here, why don't we give it a shot and see what the people here can come up with.
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I am fairly new to this forum, but as someone who runs a Design Agency this post is very interesting.

I would agree that if Pentax wish to improve their market penetration (as they said at the stand) then they need to raise their marketing game.

Having developed brands and designed campaigns for many clients I would be interested in the chance to work with Pentax to improve their marketing.

If anyone has a contact at Pentax in this respect I would be happy to try to arrange a meeting.

In terms of product shots, they may be governed by the head office (Japan?). This may also be the same for the marketing, especially if they have a global strategy.

If anyone at Pentax watches this board and is interested I would be happy for you to conatct me.

Obviously i think it would be approraite that users of this board have the opportunity to provide new product shots, photography if they chance arose.





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That's a very good idea, Don. There is enough talent of all kinds in this Forum to see the job done properly.
A good start would be to have an advertisement that leaps out of the page and grabs you by the throat, not one that slinks shamefacedly in the background, feebly rattling it's alms tin!
Best regards,


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Hi Kimbo..

I tend to stand out at the best of times, what with the ponytail/glasses combo.

I walked around in a daze more than self pity to be honest. You should have been looking for a hairy 14st pseudo drunk, taking every opportunity to sit down to eat copious amounts of cheese and tomato rolls.

Luckily, as I'm on my feet a lot during the day, I don't have a problem with walking around, even in the state I was in, which is some consolation.



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Now, with this marketing thing.

Has anyone got any ideas, even if this turns out to be just an excercise in marketing, it might help someone wanting to sell their work..

The main thing I think is; what separates Pentax from Canon, Nikon etc.

Quality of product?

They're all well built, I assume.. I've never been up close to either.

Image quality?

All three are at the top end of the market.

Brand Image?

Everyone knows the name.. but do they necessarily think of Pentax as a professional tool in the same way as Canon and Nikon.

Backwards compatibility?

I think that's the winner. Would a 30 year old lens fit either of their DSLRs?

So how about using that as a start. In relative terms, you can get probably 20-30x as many lenses for your Pentax..

Just a thought..



"Make your hands respond to what your mind demands." Jesse James

Best wide-angle lens? Two steps backward. Look for the 'ah-ha'. Ernst Haas
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