Why did you choose Pentax?


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LennyBloke wrote:
How many reasons do you want?

1. MX
2. LX
3. K20D
4. A* lenses (and A lenses)
5. FA* lenses (and FA lenses)

I was hoping for at least 7 reasons LennyBloke!

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Pentax chose me. In 1961. There has always been a reasoned upgrade path with Pentax. I can still mount a screw mount lens, meter with it, and take images. My first Pentax was the first Asahi Pentax with the original 55/2.2 preset lens, bought used out of a pawn shop in Vancouver, BC, Canada. It lasted a long time, but the shutters (cloth) wore through, and I bought a KX (not the digital one) with K 55/1.8 and a Mount adaptor K. The original went to a collector for display in his shop. I could still use my Takumar 135/3.5 preset while saving up. And so it has gone over the years. A nice bit of used equipment here and there, and the next thing you know my camera bag holds a K10D with grip, DA 12-24, DA* 16-50, DA L 55-300, M 100/4 macro, M 400/5.6, 1.4X-S converter, 1.7X AFA, 50mm extension tube and in my wife's hands the MZ-S and FA 24-90. All my glass is Pentax. My choice and may not be right for you
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simonarron wrote:

Not sure this qualifies as a great pic, but it's the shot that won me a K1000 (plus a couple of lenses) in the tale related a few posts earlier. This was taken with Spotmatic and Takumar 250mm prime, from quite a long way back in the crowd at Paddock Hill Bend, Brands Hatch. It was a support race at the 1978 British GP, so the circuit was absolutely packed. Getting shots was a matter of pot luck, trying to find a gap between other spectators' heads.

The chap who won the BMW 316 submitted a capture from Lodge Corner, Oulton Park, which was also my regular haunt. I took this shortly after disembarking from an overnight coach trip between Cheshire and Kent...


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It was primarily a 'feel' thing, when I bought my 200D a couple of years ago - coupled with the suspicion that the photography press (like the motoring press) is not entirely unbiased when writing reviews and awarding scores. I'm glad I trusted my feelings (backed up by my wife's feelings).


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My step-dad has pentax cameras and brought me my first - and it means I can nick his lenses and try them out on my camera before forking out for my own


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Legacy lenses that I had a stash of from my slide film days, plus Pentax seemed to me to be the best blend of quality, value for money and ergonomics. I don't regret it for a moment.

Plus, you can buy one in metallic blue if you want


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Good thread! My father had a Pentax ME in the 70s and I always loved the look of their cameras when I was young - and something far more appealing about them than say my dad's subsequent excellent but uninspiring Canon T90. When I bought my first digital compact I went for an Optio 450 (now used by my 7 yr old daughter) just because I liked the idea of getting a Pentax to be honest! Then for my first DSLR I went for a k200d as the spec was just what I wanted at that price point. And I instinctively wanted a Pentax... Am now loving my newish K5, regret selling the K200d though.

Happily I brought my father back into the fold after decades in the Canon/Olympus wilderness when I persuaded him to buy a KR last year. Which he's delighted with, of course!
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I chose Pentax (MX) because my elder brother bought Olympus (OM1)!

(Truth is, he takes the better photos, but that's us not our gear).
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When I wanted an SLR the ME Super had topped the sales charts (as reported in the camera magazines of the day) for months and months. I bought one without even handling it. In fact, my brass teacher bought it for me in Dallas.

When I got my first dSLR in 2007 I was in the US and the £$ exchange rate was very favourable for me. I bought a K10D on the basis of the reviews having never handled one.

I've never regretted either decision.

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Because I hate to mindlessly listen to shop assistants, done a bit of research and reckoned the Pentax was worth a punt over the big 2, also after handling the others in a shop liked the feel better, button position was not a factor as I was moving from a Panasonic bridging camera.
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Because I have an obstinate streak. Wish I had gone Nikon in some ways, as it's a more complete system, but then again, I do get a kick out of using cheap, good, legacy glass.


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Because German Cameras are the Best !
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For me the k-x i bought was the only budget SLR that ticked all the boxes

i.e small and light, built in stabilisation, live view (although I don't use it now, coming from a compact I thought it was important) and the really good reviews it had - I got it for a very good price too.

I also disliked the snobbery of Canon and Nikon owners and just didn't want to get into that - seems a bit tedious.

Don't regret my decision either - the k-x has been a fantastic first SLR and the kit lenses are really very good.

As I haven't bought any other lenses it wouldn't be a disaster if I changed to Nikon or Canon but I don't think I will..


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Another Zenit B owner in the early 70s... traded in for an Olympus OM10 mid 70s...

Digging through old slides and scanning them reminded me how much I enjoyed photography, so I decided to treat myself to a Digital SLR last year. Budget £400-ish...

Then began the online research. The in-camera IS. The K-r twin zoom lens kit at reasonable cost. The ability to use old lenses (my Soligor 350mm with T2-K adapter). The odds stacked more and more in Pentax favour. Coupled with a 'good name' from the past. Once I'd handled one it was a 'no brainer' and I've been very pleased.

I just need to stop surfing and go out snapping more!


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Do not know about DSLR because I do not have one. When I first held a S1a, it felt right straight away especially its size and weight. Apart from that, I had good results with my photos, thanks to my Sekonic meter.
The other Pentax SLRs followed evantually.

My favourite is the ME super, light and easy to use, sort of a go anywhere camera.

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