Why did you choose Pentax?


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cedricd wrote:
Tongue in cheek!! Try using this forum without a Pentax.

There are some who manage .


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I love an underdog!
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Seriously though, back to the OP I had a ME Super `cos my mates dad was a pro photographer ex RAF. His choice of camera for "Private use" was a Pentax so I guess it was my natural choice. So from the ME to a K10, K20 and a K5.

That`s better must have been the Old Bob.
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Mine wasnt a choice, it was a present and at first I was horrified - it all looked too complicated but now I love it and cant imagine ever having anything other than a Pentax.


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It was the waterproofing and the anti-shake that swung it for me.
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I wanted a fairly inexpensive camera that was a step up from a compact. That turned out to be a Pentax K-m which was on special offer at the time in a local store. I didn't do any research, if I recall. Pentax was a marque I'd heard of but that's about all, the K-m was at an excellent price, and very importantly the camera felt good in my hand.

Over time I have progressed to a K-5 but I've stuck with Pentax because of their superb range of prime lenses designed with ease of use (same filter size), elegance and portability in mind, though those qualities also apply to their DSLR bodies. This is the point of Pentax, imho. If I were a zoomer and mainly after sports action, for example, I think I'd have changed to another marque by now. Horses for courses, etc.


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My first camera was a Pentax 90s back in 1989. A compact zoom. Brill. Then in the late 90 s I had Olympus digital cameras. 7 years ago I changed to. A Panasonic compact. But in 2009 I decided to take up photography as a hobby and started to look at dslrs. Went on ephotozine and started to get an idea of what to get. Got caught up in canon, Nikon, Sony. Then after a month I realised I had left Pentax out and realsiing it had been my first camera I started to look at them. I ended up with the k20 d. Why? The build quality was just so much more superior that the nikons and canons and songs in the price range.

Idid sell it on and moved to a Canon 7 d. A few months later the k5 came out. Hey ho. But after a year with the canon and the requisite lenses I realised I had a lot of expensive kit not being fully used. So decided to pair down all my stuff and go for something lighter and more compact. The Kr was for me a perfect choice. Climents my fuji x100 and best of all I came back to a dedicated forum that not only was very friendly, but most importantly for me taut me a great deal in how to improve my photography.

Personally, Pentax stands for quality, great value for money, and robustness, as well as having an excellent photographic pedigree.

Well that was my story, you can wake up now.
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I wasn't surprised to find a bit of research would throw up some interesting alternatives to the Canon/Nikon brands. When I first got interested in photography my wife bought me a Samsung NV3 compact camera for my birthday and i was delighted. it wasn't until I started looking through forums such as this one that i realised how limited the compact selection was (point and shoot is used as the reason to buy these cameras but for me it became a hindrance as I couldn't really control what I was shooting). I then set my sights on a Nikon, why?, well I'm embarrassed to admit it but it's purely because that's the camera Dexter used in my favourite tv show. Further investigation led me to the plethora of different models and lenses available and I eventually gave up looking, thinking it would be too hard to choose. Then I booked a holiday in Egypt and I started thinking about the photographs I'd be able to take with my Samsung and I thought it would be a missed opportunity if I didn't upgrade. So I started looking at Nikon again but after literally months of researching camera models The Pentax k-r emerged as the front runner in my budget but still a tad out of reach, then my wife, again, came through and as I opened my christmas gift I was delighted. My only drawback is how little I know about DSLR's and as my holiday approaches next week I'm a little scared that I won't be the hotshot I'd hoped. But I'm not afraid to experiment and I know I shouldn't waste my holiday too much, I'm sure there'll be more.
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My father always said buy only German cameras because they are
the best!.... so when I went to the camera shop they said that
Pentax was the best German camera... so I bought one!
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The Art School I went to used Pentax so it made sense to buy a body that would accept all the brilliant lenses on offer.

Professionally I've used Mamiya, Olympus, Hasselblad and Minolta as well as various 5x4s etc.

I'm still with Pentax and two Spotmatic Fs, an SFX and as SFXn, *ist DS and K20d; some P&Ss but the 645 kit was sold a couple of years ago.
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My father is a professional photographer (now retired) and during rhe 1970s he allowed me to use a hand-me-down Spotmatic, usually with a Takumar 250mm lens, to complement my obsession with motorsport.

In 1978, Pentax sponsored a BMW 530 in the British Saloon Car Championship and launched a photographic competition by way of accompaniment: best shot of the car won a BMW 316 and there was a fair bit of camera kit on offer for six runners-up. I was lucky enough to make the final seven... and came away with a K1000 rather than a 3-series. More than 20 years passed before my mum let slip that Pentax had called to see whether I had a full licence: I had just failed my test and attempt number two was a few months away, which apparently cost me the main prize (probably just as well, as I was 17).

I was none the wiser at the time and perfectly happy with the K1000, which replaced the Spotmatic as my weekend companion. A few years later I began working as a motorsport journalist and continued taking photos, some of which were published, but by 1984 I was starting to cover overseas events and felt trying to do two things was too much of a compromise. I put my cameras down and for the next 24 years took hardly any photos, SureShot-type family snaps apart.

My interest was rekindled in 2008, when I began scanning some old negatives and realised I'd been travelling extensively for more than two decades and had hardly anything to prove as much. I subsequently went to a grass-roots race meeting at Oulton Park, with some of my old kit, to see whether I still knew what the buttons did, then dashed off to Jessops to get the films processed.

Suitably encouraged, I headed for London's Tottenham Court Road with an open mind in pursuit of a DSLR. I found a store that stocked most brands and explained that I wanted something that was suitable for motorsport and wildlife without costing the earth. I was shown Canon and Nikon kit, then the salesman produced a K200D. "You probably won't know about Pentax," the salesman said, "but I'd buy one of these..." A short demo later, I departed with that and a Tamron 18-250.

I have since been trying to make up for lost time, albeit with more enthusiasm than skill. I upgraded to a K-7 shortly after it came out, handing the K200D to my son, and bought a second-hand K20D as back-up when the K-7 was damaged (my fault: dropped it at Brands Hatch). Once the K-7 was fixed, of course, I became accustomed to having two bodies... I later part-exchanged the K20D (plus some film camera odds and sods) for a K-5, when prices dropped to a reasonable level, and have since acquired a second K-5 and given the K-7 to my son.

I have no regrets about any of the above (apart, possibly, from not passing my driving test at the first time of asking). When I walked out of the shop with that K200D a few years back, I felt as though I had renewed acquaintance with a familiar, long-lost friend.


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Welcome to the forum and what a great story!
“We must avoid however, snapping away, shooting quickly and without thought, overloading ourselves with unnecessary images that clutter our memory and diminish the clarity of the whole.” - Henri Cartier-Bresson -


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Welcome Simon! Thank you for sharing such a wonderful story. It just shows how everything falls in to place for some of us with regards to the brand.

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I am really glad I started this thread, whilst the ladies of our house are watching crap telly, I have just sat read these fascinating posts whilst sipping on an ale!

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Definitely some great stories out there.
Some great pics as well no doubt.
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