Why did you choose Pentax?


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I could never afford a "proper" camera until recently and I bought myself a Fuji bridge or two just to test the water but after two I found that I wanted more and the camera I had was restricting what I wanted to do and so I decided to get a DSLR as I worked with a canon shooter and i knew no better I started by following the crowd and set my mind on a Canon 500D, then I read the A list in PC Pro magazine that said the best entry level DSLR was the Nikon D90 so that went top of the list (I was very naive).
Then I read about a Pentax K20D that stated it was water resistant and as I was taking more and more pictures at my local kart track, Llandow, I decided this was probably a good camera to have and besides I'd heard of Pentax and seem to remember when I was a kid it was the canines under carriage of cameras. So I began to read up about it ont tinterweb but the general consensus was that it was not ideal for sports shots because of the low burst rate and its slow AF. So I was back to the D90.
Then I thought, if I was prepared to entertain the price of the K20 then I may as well go for the D300, as the S had recently been released and I didn't give 2 hoots about video (and still don't) the D300 was going to be just in my price range. Then while looking on all these lovely new (to me) photography websites the announcement that Pentax were releasing a new flagship to replace the K20, the K-7, which had 5.2 frames/sec, WR was smaller almost exactly the same size as my previous Fuji S100fs. It had loads of additional functions was tougher than a Tonka toy. I read review after review for months while saving for it and was hooked, I joined this site before getting it and stayed hidden for a while before coming out to be counted.
Strangely I have recently had the opportunity to use a friends Canon 500D and boy am I glad I made the decision I did. My K-7 is vastly superior to it except for one little thing, in low light the 500D flashes its onboard flash to assist with focus and it works (are you watching Pentax?)
My K-7 is built like a tank and I have averaged 83 shots per day since I came into possession on 6th Jan 2010, it has never let me down and everything on it still works just fine. It is currently in for a service having done over 61,000 actuations and probably needs a little TLC. Pentax said it is good for 100,000 so I intend to test that theory.
Really glad I made the choice I did and the fun you can have with all those excellent old lenses is endless and much better for learning how to use your camera than attaching the latest VR or OS AF lenses. I urge all new Pentax owners to get hold of a fully manual lens and learn to use it, this will teach you more about your camera in a much quicker timescale, and its great fun.
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SteveEveritt wrote:
Really glad I made the choice I did and the fun you can have with all those excellent old lenses is endless and much better for learning how to use your camera than attaching the latest VR or OS AF lenses. I urge all new Pentax owners to get hold of a fully manual lens and learn to use it, this will teach you more about your camera in a much quicker timescale, and its great fun.

Wise words...

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My route was via a 2nd hand shop. A Zenit for £20 which I quickly broke as I poked about to see how the shutter worked. Replaced it with the same model.

Next, I think was an SFXn (pretty sure I got it before the Miranda), again 2nd hand. Spent ages looking in Jessops window at that and a Canon EOS 650. Choosing the SFXn over the Canon was obviously a key decision.

Since then I've also had and sold a K mount Miranda MS3, and an MG. I still have an SFXn, 3 Mx's (2 chrome, 1 black), a P50, a Ricoh XRX, a Yashicamat 124G, and an MZ5n which hasn't even had a full roll of film through it as I packed in altogether within weeks of buying it new and bought a Panasonic bridge camera.

So, after several years just using the Panny, I saw a twin lens K-x kit at Currys in Aug 2010. And so it starts again. Now I've got the K5, the k-x will be hoarded.

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Like Father Like Son.... I used to mess around with my fathers Nikon F,so of course my first SLR was....you guessed it.. a Zenit E !! well I did progress to a Nikon FM when I started working.

That was the last SLR I purchased, after that was digital compacts..mostly Nikon again...well they did and still do make some fine cameras and lenses.

Last year I started to get a little more serious about photography again, being on a tight budget I went along to LCE to handle a few old used digital slrs....Canon...too much plastic...Nikon not bad...then I picked up an istD and the rest is history...yes I bought a K100D for a bargain price!

My reasons....the Pentax just feels and operates like a good quality piece of equipment....has so many old manual lens options...I could easily become a lensoholic...I suppose also there is a element of not following the masses in owning another Nikon...anyway I still have my
old FM if I ever get the urge to go to the 'dark side' again

So now I am a very happy Pentax owner and looking forward to upgrading to a K20D..soon I hope
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I had been using a Sony Cybershot. I have always desired to own a DSLR but could not afford one. While only having heard of the brand called Pentax, I, don't know why, got only Pentax in my mind when I thought of a DSLR. I was fascinated by the name. I had no idea of the Pentax quality. Had just heard the name long ago and an image was built up in my mind that Pentax makes great cameras. When I could afford a DSLR I bought a used IST DL. Few months later sold IST DL and bought a K10D, which I still have. Then I bought a K20D. Few months on, I sold the K20D and bought a K-7. I now have a K-7 and K10D. Due to the affordability factor, I bought all of them in used but mint condition. While I have not held any other DSLR other than Pentax, I know from within that none will be as great to hold as my Pentax. I love my Pentax. I keep comparing my Pentax DSLRs with other brands only to see how mine is better and forget about what is better in them. This way I am always content. What you have is what you have.

Ricoh please keep us motivated.


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Opethian wrote:
First proper camera I got was an Olympus C-740UZ (uzi, anyone remember these?) which was an ultrazoom bridge camera.

I still have my Olympus C750uz got this day 8 years ago as it arrived the same day my son was born - busy day with birthday stuff today

I tried out slr's from Olympus, Canon, Nikon and Pentax - it was the same for me as once I held the K10 I knew which one I was having

It took me a while to find the forums but I'm glad I did
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My first SLR, was a Zenit E, as I was unable to afford a Pentax, this was mid 1970ís.

On a visit to Plymouth, with the in laws, my brother-in-law came back to the car with a Spotmatic II, which he had just purchased from, I think it was Gardeners, who had a site in one of the large department stores.

They had these Spotmaticís, on a special offer, and there were only two left. Snag, I did not have enough money on me, this was 1974, so no plastic to flex back then.

My wife, father-in-law, mother-in-law, grand mother-in-law, plus brother-in-law, all emptied there bags/pockets, of all the money they had, which was just enough to purchase the Spotmatic, brother-in-law and myself ran back to the store, just before closing, result, I had the camera.

This meant, there was no fish and chip supper on the way home, as everybodyís, money was spent, but well worth it.

I still have the Spotmatic II, in good working order, just light seals and mirror bump rubber replaced. Will my K10 and K5, last as long, I donít think so, but I will not be around to know.

Take care.
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My first serious camera after a Pracktica MTL was a Spotmatic SP1000 ?.
Then at Uni we were issued Pentax cameras.
Then when I was moving on up I was bought a Nikon F2AS (still got it) by my wife as a christmas present.
Over 30 odd years this grew through all the Nikon pro spec models up to and including D3x's.
Then when they started falling apart after a couple of years usage and Nikon UK were about as unhelpful
as is humanly possible (16 weeks for a top screen replacement) I decided to change.
After trying another famous brand I picked up a colleagues K5 and I was sold. Within 48 hours we were the proud owners of two K5's a Kr and since then we have added a K7.

We are now in the process of adding some decent glass.
Another major consideration for us is cost. Why pay £3.5k for a D3 when for that price you can get a whole bag full of Pentax kit. And for the life of me I cannot see anyfall off in IQ using the Pentax's.
As some one else has mentioned, the old advertising campaign "You just have to hold a Pentax" is as true today as ever.


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My first real camera was also a Zenit E, with the 58mm Helios! What a brick. I soon graduated to a Pentax P30 (via a plasticky AF Practica model which had a light leak and went back to the shop). The P30 is a perfect little camera IMO.

Several DSLRs later, I now have the Helios 58mm again, this time in K-mount, and use it on my K7


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I envied my rich kid friend with his Pentax early Seventies. I had a used Practica Nova.

I sold all makes of camera late seventies but always loved to handle and sell the Pentax SLR's best. They just had ergonomic style when we didn't know the meaning of the word. I couldn't afford any of them. Shop wages were abysmal back then!

When the Digital KX and then KR appeared I knew it was time to have an affordable system having dallied with early Kodak point and shoot and several bridge cameras (Minolta A200 great fun, Canon G9 built like a real camera but both flawed by small sensors)

I'm still the boy with his nose to camera shop windows (when you can find one)I'll hopefully graduate to affording a K5 equivalent one day! I have serious doubts about talk of losing the optical through the lens viewfinders though!


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I the mid to late seventies I purchased my First camera a Pentax ME Super. I fell in love with it instantly, Flashing lights on a camera to tell you what shutter speed, what's not to love. This item has stayed with me ever since, and I would never part. With such a great purchase and memories it was only natural that when the digital age arrived on the scene. There was only one brand to look at. I have only ever owned Pentax cameras never been disappointed, and have never seen anything worth changing brand for..

Plus I think im right in saying that no other brand can match the back catalogue of lenses available. So the secondhand hand market is cheap cheap cheap..When funds are limited.
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I have told this before. A nice man in Albuquerque sold me a Pentax. I went in looking to buy a Canon Rebel SLR, for my son's 21st birthday present. He convinced me to buy the Pentax instead and gave me a good deal when I decided to get one for myself too.

When I went digital it made sense to stick to Pentax, even though my local camera shop (and Pentax dealer) said buy Canon.

I will admit though if I were to do it now I'd probably go for Nikon despite their annoying ads .


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The first camera I played with that was more than P&S was a Halina in the '60's which got me used to the idea of speed and aperture - although nearly everything ended up as 1/50 f11 !

I then progressed to a Praktica (still have it!) with zoom and finally ended up (as a gift) with a Canon EOS and lenses. I used that for many years (and I have to say my photography didn't really improve much in all that time!)

My first digital was the Panasonic FZ30 (still have it - and sometimes think there's a lot going for 'bridge' cameras) which I love(d) and, for the first time, found my photography gradually improving!

I came to Pentax because I wanted a digital SLR and, although tempted by Canon, chose the K10D, partly because of reviews and partly because of it's construction and sealing for outdoor use. I loved it, as I do the K5 because of the handling and construction quality.

However, if I'd known at the time that, although Pentax built the camera with outdoor use in mind they don't seem to think much about the long lens needs of the nature photographer, I might well have thought again.

I'm just hoping that Pentax read these forums and do something about it!!



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I had always wanted an SLR but never had the money to buy one. Had a few point and shoots and my better half has a nice Olympus something or other that has manual mode and allows a few setting changes to shutter and ISO. Got me interested in a proper DSLR and i had a google. I looked at a few reviews between Canikon and Pentax and for the money i was willing to part with it was the D3000 or the K-x. The reviews were in favour of the D3000 but i didn't want to trust them as the K-x had HD video and the D3000 had none. I might never use this function but it wanted more the none!. Next it was the ISO of the K-x as i have a Telescope and at some point want to shoot the moon.

I still don't have a clue what i'm doing but i'm glad i got the K-x, this forum has welcomed me in with open arms and i'm hoping to visit my local camera club soon and see how it goes. Perhaps one day i might even enter a cometition or two.

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Tongue in cheek!! Try using this forum without a Pentax.
Enjoy life
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