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Hello all,

I am a long time Pentax fan (since circa 1983'ish). In high school I absconded with my father's Pentax and have never looked back. I fell off the wagon and got a Cannon for a little while (1994-1998 or so), then went Nikon for a bit (2008-2012). I really didn't mind my Cannon, but I couldn't stand my Nikon (mainly the lens).

A few years ago I got a girlfriend a Sony DSLR and felt the bug tickling me a little. Then a few years later, got another girlfriend a DSLR (Cannon), and REALLY felt the kick. So I jumped on eBay and scooped up a K100D Super, then Etsy or a few 1970's lenses (and one 1990's 135mm lens). A few days learning how to use Darktable (I'm a Linux enthusiast too) I was back in heaven. I got my K100D last spring, so in ~ a year I've been immersing myself in my long lost hobby.

When my K100D Super started to get flaky (did NOT like my Pentax 28-200 lens), I got a K10D (That cost less than my K100D Super). Loved the K10D so much after a few months I got a K-3 ii and my nicest lens yet, a Sigma DC 17-70mm. I choose the K-3 ii over the K70 and KP for a few reasons, mainly GPS, intervalometer, ruggedness, and price (got my K-3 ii with ~5200 shutter cycles for $450). Hiking and photography are interchangeable for me, but neither are exclusive. I need a camera with me when I hike, and I don't want to hike with out my camera. My cameras get thunked around a bit (not a lot, I don't think my K10D has a single scratch on it).

I've kept all my "new" to me stuff, and really enjoy learning new things (mainly on YouTube while sitting at work day dreaming about getting out and taking more photographs).

Hopefully Pentax User turns out to be another great resource, and viva la Pentax!

vic cross

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Welcome Welcome and thrice welcome to the UK's Pentaxuser club. The nearest I've been to Utah is Colorado Springs and LA. In my working life I visited 8 of your 52 states. Are you also a member of the US Pentax Forum. As I said welcome and enjoy your time with us.
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Welcome aboard!
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Welcome to the forum - your story is quite similar to a few users on here, had a Pentax in the early days - tried some other stuff then came back round to Pentax

Hope you find it a useful and friendly resource


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You said it 67comet * Viva las Pentax*
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