Whitby Goth Weekend, Saturday 5 November 2011


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I was great to catch up with you all even if it was so dull, these are my offerings for the day

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As many as that Graham

What a shame the weather was against you. Do you think it put the Goths off or did they all go last weekend instead?


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Commiserations What happens in April apart from April Showers




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Ah your photos are finally showing - even if I need a magnifying glass to see them.


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I have managed to link in the thumbnails by mistake oops, I will sort it out tomorrow, night night all.


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Gwyn: I was given the impression that most of the Goth's had turned up the weekend before due to the bands that were booked, the number of Steampunks were dramatically depleted.

Sorry about the eye test I posted yestrday I fell fowl of the new sharing method on Flickr. Hopefully these will be a better size:

Steampunk Lady Explorer

Steampunk Male Explorer (Richard Attenborough)

Sunshine on a grey day

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I like the steam punk lady! She reminds me of a school teacher I once had. I nice woman, strict but fair.

The guy doe indeed look like Richard Attenborough! The background shows just how miserable it was there too.

And one of those young ladies must have been frozen in that outfit .

Such a shame they split the weekends like that. Still I am sure you enjoyed the company if not the photography.

Better luck next year!


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I think some of the ladies are made of tougher stuff than I am , I was frozen and yes the company was great Gwen.


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those are very commendable Graham, much better than my efforts on the day, fortunately I was there today too (sunday) I started my posts in the new thread started by Ken.
My Names Alan, and I'm a lensaholic.
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It will probably come as a surprise to some posters that their banter is being discussed on the web as being an example of the disgraceful way some photographers behave:


I suppose it's a reminder that what may be harmless chatter can be taken away across a huge auduience and seen as something else.
Best regards, John


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Thanks for the link John. Interesting article. I think that the Pentax users mentioned have been taken out of context but do agree with the general comments about harassment.

I see where the author mentions images taken from the public domain could be a point of contention but it's difficult to say that the images used are not in the PD.

I Googled images for "K10D Gary Catterick" and was pleasantly surprised!

Best regards


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I would say the photos are not in the PD - you retain copyright of them and could argue they are using your photos without your permission. Publishing them on the internet does not make them public domain - and they should have tried to contact the photographers for permission to use them.

I understand their point of view to a certain extent, and believe Whitby has become too much of an attraction for too many photographers, but they do take things out of context.


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No they shouldn't be using the photographs without the express permission of the photographer. Strange choice of colours for their web site - dark grey on black. Simulated invisible ink!

John K


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Think this guy needs invoiced and a notice to take the photos down.

I take his point completely about asking permission. Pity he didn't afford the same courtesy.



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Taking photographs in a public place is within the law.
Stealing photographs and publishing them on a website is against the law.

The way the stolen photographs have been shown on the website concerned
is possibly defamatory?

I've never heard anyone complaining about being photographed at the
Rio carnival or even a pop festival.
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