Which lenses should I take to Santorini in a couple of weeks time?


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Hi, I'm off to Santorini in a couple of weeks time, which I understand is a very photogenic location, and is famous for its spectacular views and dramatic sunsets. My quandary given flight weight restrictions and generally not wanting to take everything is, which lenses should I consider taking?

I have the Pentax 18-135 which I'll be taking as my walk around Lens as it offers weather protection if we get the odd shower and is a good general purpose jack of all trades but should I then go wider, (I have the Sigma 8-16) or should I go narrower & further (Sigma DG EX 70-300), any suggestions?
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You can stitch together multiple shots with the 18-135 but you can't zoom in any further than 135. So I think I would go long. I'm partial to long lenses for sunsets if you have the right landscape to get back.
I love traveling light and not changing lenses tho, so I would even consider not taking anything more the the 18-135 and just enjoying the freedom.
Maybe get right out of your comfort zone and restrict yourself to a prime!
I'm not helping at all am I?
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I would take the long lens. As Darkmunk says you can stitch multiple shots if you feel the need for wider than 18, though I suspect you won't, but you can't zoom in more than the lens allows, without losing IQ in cropping.

I'm in a similar quandary about what to take on my holiday in a couple of weeks.

Have a great holiday!


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It seems odd to me to take less gear to an exotic, photogenic location that you would take to a regular location in your own locale.

Surely special locations deserve taking everything you have?

Is taking 2 lenses instead of three really going to be a deal breaker on the trip?

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I agree. You'll probably end up cursing yourself if you leave one of those behind. Personally, I'd also never go on holiday anywhere without my 8-16mm.

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Smeggypants wrote:

Is taking 2 lenses instead of three really going to be a deal breaker on the trip?

It could be if it makes carry-on too heavy or bulky.


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I would take all you can carry so you don't end up saying "bugger..."

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Do what I've done, flog most of the lenses you have and no decision necessary

Seriously though I have the 18 - 135 too plus a DA Star 300 F4. I'm already plotting buying such as your wide zoom for the cliffs and seascapes of Cyprus next month. You aren't going to exceed 5 kilograms with a body and three lenses, Smeggypants is right.


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It's as much to do with the travelling and how much kit you'll be comfortable carrying all the time.

I travel with 10-17mm, 43mm, 18-135mm and 55-300mm in a Billingham Hadley Pro. I'm happy to carry that all day and all night. No tripod by the way.

Sue likes a lighter kit. 18-250mm and 50mm. Monopod.

In reserve,18-135mm for Sue on rainy days and 80-400mm for WWT visits. Tripods are in the car in the UK, but obviously abroad there isn't the luxury of a reserve kit.

I would take all three of your lenses, in as light and compact a case as is reasonable.
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It depends what your objective for the trip is of course.
I took off to Portugal for a week in a hire car with just a WP camera. Didn't miss my kit bag one bit. Very liberating.
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I've been to Santorini and you will need all the gear you can take. Don't leave the wide angle behind, otherwise you will regret it.

I'm also surprised no-one has mentioned a Polariser - this is essential in my view for a location like Santorini, to maximise the blue skies and colour saturation. Make sure it's a good quality one so you don't lose sharpness.

Also, you will need a tripod for sunset shots, even if it is a lightweight one. Don't underestimate the quality of tripod you will need, Santorini is a windy location and you will need stability.


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Both lenses weigh around 500g. Is 500g extra a big problem?

If so - wear a jacket with a big pocket and stick one in your pocket!

Personally I could not consider going without my widest lens when landscapes are in the offing - but like others would then worry about not having a long enough lens.

Other option - take the 8-16 and 18-135 and buy a decent reasonably priced TC off ebay that you can stick on the 18-135 if you need to - and if you don't want to keep it - stick it back on ebay when you get home!

Most importantly - enjoy your trip!

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Thanks for the suggestions, I can see the arguments for both both the Telephoto and the Wide angle options. I agree that you can't go longer than the longest lens you have and that you can stitch wide shots together to produce wider panoramic shots. However stitching wide shots together doesn't give you the same altered reality shots which shooting at 8mm does.

I'll probably have a trial run this weekend seeing just how much gear I can sensibly pack into what space and how much it all weighs. I hadn't got as far as thinking about a Tripod, here again I have the choice of a decent (substantial weight) vanguard tripod or a Velbon Monpod, which is also substantial but obviously that bit lighter, or I could borrow my son's lightweight Camlink tripod, which will be prone to wind movement but is much lighter and shorter +ve in terms of packing.

Decisions decisions?
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My light compact travel kit is a 18-135 & a 55 -300, a couple of polarising filters, batteries and memory cards - no tripod or extra flash all in a compact bag. I went to Turkey a couple of years ago with just a D35 2.4 and a M 135 f3.5 as a trial compact kit and it worked out ok.


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I usually take my old bridge camera (not Pentax) which has a good range and produces excellent images. I know these cameras are not everyones cup of tea but I find it very convenient whilst abroad. Pentax have just produced the XG-1. Does anyone have experience of it?
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