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I'm on the point of ordering a K5, and I can't decide whether to pay the extra 400 for the 18-135 lens over just the body alone. I've already got the DA18-55 and 50-200 that came with my K100D package, and I also have a Tamron 3.8-5.6/28-200. I do mostly landscapes and casual street stuff, so 18-135 would suit me very well. I don't like changing lenses much and I'm not wild about the Tamron. What do you reckon?


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To be fair, only you can decide. But you might be able to recoup some of the cost by selling and redundant lenses on eBay...maybe the Tamron and the 18-55mm?
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Well you get 80 cashback on just the body or 120 for body and lens.

So .. buy the body and lens then sell the 18-135mm for 400 and you are still 40 better off.

Infact I would be interested in the 18-135mm
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The 18-55 that came with the K100D was the version 1. I wonder if that is a match for the K5? Just food for discussion

As you don't like to change lenses, I think the 18-135 is the way to go (and you can do street photography in the rain).

If I'm not mistaken, the 18-135 does not have a screw drive. If I'm right, it will not autofocus on the K100D (but will on the K100D super). Not sure if it's relevant (you might have sold the K100D).
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sterretje wrote:
The 18-55 that came with the K100D was the version 1. I wonder if that is a match for the K5? Just food for discussion

I thought the later 18-55 MKII was tweaked to suit cameras with extra pixels and higher resolutions. Somthing like K20 onwards.
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The price difference @ SRS is 480 (510 @ Park, 515 @ WEX)

Body only 979 or 1459 with lens.

Personally, I'm not sure if it's worth 480, so where did you find a 400 price, as I didn't think it was worth that either!

Edit: The twin lens 18-55WR + 50-200mm WR combo is 1145, so if it was me, I'd probably buy that and sell the rest to offset the cost + 120 cashback.

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Sorry to slightly hijack the thread.... but its a bit unclear on the Pentax Cashback site - but can we get any Pentax lens to qualify for the full 120, or is it just the K5/Kr Bundles? This may be a question for Chris@SRS I guess...

Basically I think the 18-135WR isn't a useful lens for me (got the DA 12-24 and DA* 50-135 already...amongst others... ), and if I spend >2k I can claim the VAT back (long story...) so ironically it could be cheaper to buy a 1000 Ltd* lens or something... Well, sort-of cheaper... Unless I sit on my hands for 6 months and buy a D3S/D4 *ahem* thread drift...
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