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One of the biggest issues i have with photography (other than composing the photo bit) is printing.

So where do you guys get stuff printed? Anyone use online print companies (upload via ftp or similar). Any nightmare companies to avoid, any gems?

I'm sure a thread must already exist on this, but i couldnt find one.
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I thought id put my waffly bit into another post, so not to scare people off from reading the main question =)

I routinely end up having discussions with print places along the lines of "no - i did not want you to 'enhance' my colours" . Or asking them to attach a note "do not enhance" only to get them back and ...

I calibrate my screen (spyder 3) ... if anyone is thinking of getting a screen calibration tool - do!! Cant recommend it highly enough.

If im printing large i'll print a small proof first, and perhaps re-edit the calibration and try again.

The only advice i can offer is avoid jessops . I've tried a few local places too but all to often its run by people who take no pride in their work (Press print & go, job done?)
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I find my local asda really good, the lady in there is a photography student so understands what's going on.

I have had some great poster prints done at Tesco too which is farmed out to s third party...
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Loxley or Costco
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If going online for prints, I usually use Snapfish. Generally, I like to spend a wee bit of time on PSE, tweaking the picture until it looks pleasing in my eye. Thankfully, I don't suffer from red/green colour blindness, so nobody notices if my pic's look "off-colour".


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DS Colour Labs, cheap and good quality prints (on Fuji paper). The last batch I had printed at A3 cost me £1.09 a print, I think it's gone up to £1.15. I've used them for a couple of years; I have had the odd one where the colour is a bit out, 3 of those they reprinted free of charge. They deliver the prints very quickly, the last batch I ordered online at 5 pm and had them next day.

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cheers for the tips

gartmore wrote:
Loxley or Costco

Loxley look really good, like the choice of papers! though was a bit odd to have to register to see the price list. Still, not as steep as I was expecting - 12x12 is £3.31

aliengrove wrote:
DS Colour Labs, cheap and good quality prints (on Fuji paper). The last batch I had printed at A3 cost me £1.09

At that price i think i'll run out of wall space , hmm maybe time to buy a bigger album.


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DSCL definitely for prints 18x12inches & below, unbeatable for quality vs cost in my experience

Peak Imaging for large prints although websites a bit "clunky"

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I use DSCL and can't fault them


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I've been keeping an eye on various review sites lately as I'm getting a big batch of shots ready to print, and one name has caught my eye, and I've decided to give them a go - foto.com link

I have found it is necessary to try a few and get a feel for the printed output in relation to your work as seen on the monitor. The main variations between these I have seen has been colour saturation (I have found prints from some services oversaturated) and a tendency for some prints to show a 'muddy' brown cast, and weak greens and blues. I was once told by a print machine operator in an old Konica shop (now a Jessops) that this was caused by lack of cleaning and not replenishing the toners.

I'll update when I get my first batch from foto.com - I'll be getting some 12" by 10"s as well as smaller sizes, including my first prints from my K7!
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Hooray to your first K7 prints

Interested to know how they turn out too.


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Having problems with snapfish but now trying foto.com


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For top quality 'exhibition' prints I would recommend the Siskin Press. If you go for their best service, you download your file and the chap looks at it. He then rings you up to discuss exactly what you want, and will recommend which paper he thinks would suit the image, etc. etc. I have had some lovely A3 and A2 prints done that way which now form a "gallery" along the wall in my hallway. Not the sort of thing you'll want to do with all your images, but for that occasional one to frame and put on the wall I highly recommend it.

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