What type of camera are you?


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Apologies if this has been linked to before. I just completed the quiz and came out as an Olympus, which I can live with.




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And I came out as a Sony.... I'll get my coat...
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I'v just done it and it said Nikon Wrong and I also can live with that.

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I'm a true Pentaxian
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Pentaxian born and bred

What type of Camera are you?

My Results:

Pentax As the enthusiastic Pentaxian you have the soul of the true photographer. A strong believer in your brand but always living in the shadow of you big brothers, doomed to wander in their footsteps taking pictures that have already been taken. Still you love your gear and probably wouldn't swap brands until well after they went out of production.
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I came out Pentax too.
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Ditto! Would have surprised me, if otherwise.

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But what's this:
doomed to wander in their footsteps taking pictures that have already been taken.

How VERY dare they!


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Gah - I came out Sony. I would'nt dream of having their pap. Hmmf.

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Bugger I'm a Canon

I hoped to be a Pentax or a Nikon

Not a Canon

A Canon



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"You're the archetype Canonite. A sucker for high performance, big lenses and fast money. Never mind what the brand is called, you know what you need and go for it. Your knowledge of Photography is immense, You probably know more than all the text books in addition and like to show it"

A Canon

I need counselling


A Canon


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CANON!!!!! I could have lived with almost anything else. Is this a Jessops conspiracy?
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I think there is only one option left for me now... link
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Pentax is me, I love Pentax as do most most peeps on here.

Nikon is my second favourite, excellent cameras

But I just hate Canon! I suppose it's because they are so popular and every Tom, Dick and Harry that wants to start in photography wants a Canon.

That's my view anyway, maybe Jessops did initiate this quiz...




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greynolds999 wrote:
I think there is only one option left for me now... link

Oh My Gosh!!!!!!!!

Don't do it, please don't do it...you will lose all self respect
Are things that bad?

Besides, they won't let you work for them.....You know far to much about photography.
Saying that, even a child who is holding a toy camera from the Early Learning Centre knows more than they do!

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