What settings do you think this photographer used?


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I tried to reproduce this kind of photo:


either the exposition is too short (not such a long trail) or too long (they disappear, but also everyone would be blurry!)

do you think he composes multiple photos?


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According to him, he uses medium format film, with a long exposure, usually 2-4 seconds, sometimes up to 10.

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Oh thanks didn't notice that the info was already there. I'll experiment more then
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It also looks a bit like a multiple exposure to me, one long exposure and one shorter? Might be wrong but it looks a bit suspicious that many of the people are almost static, whilst others have made long trails. I don't think that would happen in a busy place where there is obviously a lot of constant movement.


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Yes that's what I thought it's fishy


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Yeah, looks like multiple photos to me too. You can tell by the length of some of the trails that one exposure had to be several seconds (I'd guess 5s). The second exposure was much shorter (1/15s?) because the figures are slightly unsharp, indicative of long/non freezing shutter speed. Clever shot!
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I have another better example here:

I highlighted an object that is repeated several times in the exposition. If this was a simple long exposition, there is no way that object would have been visibile. Thoughts?


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The hand would have been periodically static as the stair were climbed. The exposure I'd guess would be around a second a step, thus about 7 seconds. The hand may have been in one spot long enough to register. Certainly an interesting experiment.
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I can't tell for sure because I didn't do enough experimentation but for the little I have done with seven seconds the person just disappears from the exposure because the background is exposed for much longer and will eat the moving person exposure.
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