What's your latest acquisition?


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davidtrout wrote:
Benz3ne wrote:
Today a brand new Pentax K70 arrived to replace my recently defunct blue K30 which has given me some excellent pictures since I bought it in, I think, 2012. Got the K70 from SRS in an astonishing Black Friday deal and tomorrow it will get its first outing.

As a fellow K-70 user Iím looking forward to seeing your snaps! Shame about the K-30, aperture failure perhaps?

Its nothing mechanical, the shutter seems to work ok, but it produced pictures that are almost totally black. I reckon its under exposing by at least 3-4 stops. I tried using the exposure compensation accordingly but the pictures were very poor, something in the sensor department I think. But unlike some PUF members who bought K30s when they were first introduced it never let me down until now.

Sounds like the aperture solenoid failure to me! Plenty of reports about it. it appears itís something of a lottery as to when it happens!


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And now I`ve just taken delivery of a K1-ii..... I held off hoping I`d get a decent deal over either the Pentax-Ricoh centenary or Black Friday... Nothing here on the centenary but thanks to a very persistent young salesman, I got a good deal on the camera...

What's next ?
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A Fotga four-thirds to micro-four-thirds adapter. It won't get used much, I just wanted to see how my old Lumix 14-50mm four-thirds kit lens would work on my G5. Quite well, it turned out, but the combination is too unwieldy for regular use - the lens weighs more than the body and it's definitely not a well balanced combo!

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K18 3.5 par Kris Lockyear, on ipernity

Another K series lens to my arsenal....

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Let me know what you think of it!!


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Not an acquisition but a ranting. Quick look online saw me find a well priced, immaculate ME Super for good money (£39+p&p) at a vendor who claims theyíre all tested, with 6 month warranty, but had to hurry off from work. No matter, Iíll buy it as soon as I get home... Check as soon as I returned back to my humble abode, out of stock.

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